Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Pray-Lydia and Her Family Need Prayers Now More Than Ever!!

From Lydia's Caringbridge Site:
Lydia had a great day today. Dr. Friebert called with her latest numbers, which are just beyond belief: 262,000 White Cells! meaning no room for much else. Anyone else would be flat on their back, but as Dr. Friebert says we aren't talking about anyone else, we are talking about Lydia--and she defies all odds. She woke up and still has a limp from her painful ankle--swollen inside with cancer cells. She is on a low dose of constant morphine. She hobbles around, but refuses to rest...didn't even take a nap today. She spent a good part of the day outside on the lanai, coloring in her journal. We also did each other's make-up several times today, and of course, watched CATS! Then she wanted to go to the library, but as we were driving, decided instead she wanted to go to Toys R Us. She had a mini shopping spree, and was so excited to rush home and play with her toys. She didn't eat well at dinner, but she still is eating something and drinking-although it has slowed down measurably. We decided it doesn't make sense to transfuse her anymore, as it may actually be more painful to do, since there is little to no room for any other cells in the midst of all the cancer cells. We are just grateful for how great she felt today, and hope for a smooth night (I think they are the hardest). We shall see what surprises Lydia has in store for all of us tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I was just reading this blog last night, and saw the entry where Lydia had her teeth x-rayed by the dentist, and the dentist said her first baby teeth would be falling out soon. That was the most heartbreaking entry to read. I can't imagine what this poor family is going through.

Elizabeth J.

Sturgmom said...

I will be praying!! What a tragic story.

Donna said...

I can't read this blog without crying...the family is so brave.

Vivian M said...

So hard....still praying for a miracle.