Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So while at the children's museum looking at the Children from China exhibit, I stopped to listen to one of the parts as G went on ahead of me, I thought to the next part. I listened for her and didn't here her. I looked around the corner and low and behold, no G. So I called her. No G, then I hear "Beverly" and I called G and hear my name again. In comes G and another mother. G had gone farther than I thought, got turned around and couldn't find me again.

I a moment later, I saw the mom and thanked her. She said that G was beginning to look a bit frightened and started to cry a little (she didn't cry when she came back to me). This mom asked her if she was lost. G said yes and then the lady asked if she knew her mom's name. G told her clearly and correctly (YEA G!!). So the mom said, "I just hope my girls can say my name that well." I was a little miffed, but I remember getting separated from my mom at the grocery store once or more. Scared me to death, well not really to death but sort of. I was notorious for getting lost as far as I remember.

G sucked up her scared feelings though when she saw that I was a bit miffed. We didn't get separated again. The mom was really kind, and I would have done the same thing if it were another child. I will not make the assumption that she just went up a little way again though. G has also been hiding from me the last day or so. She did it to me twice in a store yesterday; I guess that was my warning and I should have taken heed.


Doug and Terrye said...

OMWord!!! You must have been beside yourself in those moments of confusion. Those little ones can be so quick. Thankfully all is well now :) But what a great teaching opportunity, I am going to tell Grace the story so that she understands why it is so important to stay close to Mommy.

Terrye in FL

Super Mommy said...

So glad you two found each other. I am PARANOID that someone is going to snatch my girlies - I watch too much news - I guess.

Also, I think it's wonderful the other mother didn't question you on being her mother either! I love it!! ;0)

Christy said...

That is totally scary and I hate when those things happen. I have lost both my boys at different times at disneyland and luckily both of them did the right thing and grabbed a worker and I found them quickly. Losing themfreaks meout but finding them is soooooo much relif. Glad it all turned out well.


Christy :)

Sturgmom said...

That is incredibly frightening!! We lost our oldest once at the state fair petting zoo. Think: masses of people and dozens of ways in and out. I almost threw up I was so worried (TMI?). SO glad she found a nice lady angel to help her back to you!!

Vivian M said...

I think that is one of my biggest fears, and so scary! Thank goodness she was OK and you were able to find each other relatively quickly.