Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So! Much! Pain!

I can't focus on much. My shoulder area is in spasm. The chiro doesn't work Tuesday afternoon but I will see her in the morning. They did say I can put bengay or icyhot on it. My head is so heavy I need a neck brace to keep the weight off my shoulder.

We went to the therapy appt this a.m. I go by myself next Wed. That will be the feed back, ummm, yeah, not looking forward but very curious all at once. Today she had G paint the wicky witch and the uggy man on a paper and then tear it up. I don't think G got it. I have to "catch" them and bring them with us in two weeks. G will not fall for it. She is way to smart for that. She painted some other stuff too. She is doing the closed mouth smile she did in China while in Ms. Booger's office. Yes she does say it that way but not out of disrespect but just can't remember Amber. No they don't sound at all alike.

G was going to the firecaptcher with me until I discovered she doesn't work on Tuesday afternoons, heh. And she was so tired she said, "Let me show you how tiuhred I am." then laid her head back on her carseat. We came to my parents for her to take a nap and burn some energy cause I can't play with her, pick her up, lay down, nothing. In the middle of the night she got so close to me and put her fist in my very sore shoulder and I almost came unglued. I didn't realize I had managed to get on my left side so then I had to get back on my back doing so with much difficulty!

Showed the house to two young college guys whose parents will help pay the rent. They filled out an app but that is all so far. No other showings scheduled yet but it is only Tuesday.

Meeting with the headhunter Monday and I hope to gracious I am not in so much pain. (This is really annoying me. It hurts to cough and I have a sinus infection/drainage thing going on too which requires it.) They sent me some forms to complete of skills sets and honestly I thought I had a lot more skills than I do apparently! I will have to explain that having experience in some of these is not necessarily mastery. Oh if I could be hired on the skill of "I can learn anything" then I could work anywhere ::grin::. Plus I have to give three professional references. I think I can get three but I will not use this last job. They suck! Though I will use one of my first bosses from the last job because she said I could! I just have to let her know.

I really guess it is best to have not had any interviews this week as I am in serious pain!

Gah! I am such a whiner!


Marla said...

Whine on, I pray for renters and a job.
Congrats on the bloggy award if I forgot to tell ya.

Kim said...

It is ok, whine away, you are having a super bad week! I hope everything works out for you!

Christy said...

That totally sucks!! I cant belive you are in so much pain. I am so sorry about what you are going through-- ouch!! Dont worry about the rental- it will rent. While the housing market sucks the rental market is going strong so it will rent. Also, I will continue to pray for you on the job hunt and im sure it was for the best that you did not have any interviews while you are in so much pain.


The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better!

Vivian M said...

Wish there was something they could give you to take away the pain. This too shall pass! Hope you find some relief soon with that chiropractor.
Good luck with the job and house search!