Thursday, February 19, 2009

Therapy Today

Today we were taped following a set of instructions. Actually there were 10 instructions. One was feed each other jelly beans. Okay so we failed that one because I don't like jelly beans. Had it been cheerios or white chocolate coffee beans I would have been all over that. Then one was thumb wrestle with your child. G has never thumb wrestled so I had to teach her, no biggie. Then one was teach your child a new thing. Well earlier we had done the whole thumb wrestle thing. I tried and tried to come up with a "new thing" and couldn't so I taught her (probably wrong) SOS. Does anyone remember that game?

One was build with blocks and have child copy. We did that and then I copied G on building, not in the instructions. G noticed she copied me on two things and I only copied her on 1 thing, oops. Then one was to leave the room for 1 min. One was make the toys play with each other a duck and a turtle. G wanted to pretend that the turtle (hers) was going to eat the ducks (mine) so I had the duck jump on the turtle (very violent I know). I told her turtles don't eat ducks and with the "warning face" she said, "It's pweetend" through gritted teeth. Then we raced them and you know who won? Not me 'cause she traded for the duck and a turtle, well, a turtle is very very slow.

One was lotion each other's hands. When I read that, loudly I said, "Oh G you won't like this." So that is a bad mark except that G doesn't like lotion. We used to lotion her up after every bath no matter who gave her her bath, me, grammie or grandad, but at some point she decided the lotion made her hot and she hated it. Did I say, "hated"? I meant "HATES with a WHITE HOT PASSIONATE HATE" lotion on her. She will put some (a very little bit) on her face when I harp
strongly encourage her to.

One was put hats on each other. G didn't like that either, and I sort of did that earlier (before getting to the instruction) just playing around. I have no idea how the feedback will go but I will let you know next week, 'cause I am all about the sharing!


Ellie Monster said...

Hmmm, sounds like fun. Was there a reason that you "had" to do jelly beans vs. something that you like? I could understand the lotion thing or the had thing (maybe a sensory observation) but jelly beans just seem so random??? Hope your appointment goes well.

Vivian M said...

Try replacing the jelly beans with M&M's!
Sounds like some of the activities are fun, I might try some with Kerri!