Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Therapy Today

Today was my day to watch last week's video of following instructions. Over all the point is G is very well attached and 100% in control. So we have to move to G stays very well attached and is 100% age appropriately independent with mom 100% in control. So next week we start theraplay to reverse the whole control thing back to me.

I am getting a rofessional hair cut today at 3:30pm. The way I look at it is I can't afford it but I can't afford to continue looking like an over-aged princess with long stringy locks either. I need a professional easy to care for cut something like I got when I came home with G in 2005. It was a cute cut and I don't think I have any pics of it to share on-line. I probably won't share the new style either unless you really really want to see it.

G doesn't want me to get my hair cut and said she is going to laugh at me until it grows back. She may freak out when she sees me. But today is Wednesday which means grandparents pick her up for supper, choir and mission friends. When they bring her back and rave about how cute my hair cut is then maybe she will be okay with it. Otherwise we will just deal with a melt down. This is a long time in coming, period.

Gosh, if I didn't detest the feel of hair so much I might get a stylist license. Yes, I have sensory issues. I can't stand to feel hair that is not attached to the body. I can't stand long hair clogging up sinks and wrapping up in brooms when I sweep or get caught in the vacuum. HATE IT, pet hair too. There, so now you know. I am totally limited in career paths. No nursing or doctor for me either, hate the sight of bodily fluids, wounds etc. and sick people in general, bleh!

If anyone knows how to get this blog changed to a different URL name/address, please contact me off line. I am afraid to try and change for fear of losing everything. I am not a tech geek though I wish to be. I can read simple instructions though and can generally figure things out.

Okay so gotta go get ready and find that pic of what my hair looked like that was so cute.


Kelley said...


Kelley said...

Yay! I think my comment worked--I haven't been able to comment from work in the LONGEST time. Ugh!

Anyway, I was going to say that if you select "export blog" from the settings menu after you create the new blog address, you can copy your blog and then make changes. I did that. Just don't move without letting me know! :)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I just read this one after seeing the hair cut already.. I've been behind in readin blogs, or else I would have asked to see the hair! I'm glad you shared!

Vivian M said...

Good luck with theraplay!