Monday, February 23, 2009

Today Has Been A Very Long Day!

Very long and it isn't even 10:30am. (maybe when this is posted but you get the idea.) I told G to put her shirt on no less than 5 times. So you know what she does? She goes and looks in the mirror and calls me to see what she is doing and she is in her blue jeans and socks. Where the helk is her shirt???? I lost it. I was screaming so loud that I believe I cleared my sinuses!! Then she laughed at that. OOOHH I saw red or fushia not sure as I didn't have my glasses on. Does she not know I am the mama? Does she not know that I didn't lose my cool just for her entertainment? Does she not at least have respect for the sinus clearing screams? Apparently not.

That landed two swats on the behind, hers not mine. But she didn't cry so apparently it didn't hurt or she was too mad to cry, and boy do I know that because, well, as they say, "like mama like daughter".

Then I get her to school and realize I forgot her sleeping stuff and her bag. Way to go about earning the #1 mom of the year so far! So she ended up going to the "firocapter" with me instead of school.

The doc asked how I felt and I told her great in my shoulder concerns but that my "butt felt like I fell" on it. And G giggled, she thinks it is funny I said, "butt". Apparently there is a nerve that runs down through the bottom cheek, and I guess the way, well I don't guess, I know, the way I slept last night pinched that nerve to make it feel like I fell on my arse, HARD, or exercised hard (which I know I didn't do and causes laughing convulsions at the thought, HA).

It seemed to me that everyone of my animals and my one child needed to sleep so close to me last night that I couldn't move and was all woppie-jawed in bed. Then this morning I get an e-mail from a family member asking me on behalf of ____ not to talk of ____ on the blog. Whatever. Don't read it, and if any readers know of whom I speak in any post, before you take off and tell someone something (that makes this akin to highschool) better clarify with me what I said before things are taken out of context, mmmm'kay, Thanks, Admin.

But I won't discuss ____ at all from now on and will remove ____ from past posts, when I get around to it. Funny the post that offended was more about racism related to G than anything else and not about ____ at all, hmmm. And now I am thinking ___ didn't even read it or ___ wouldn't have been offended.

So then after the "firocapter" I came home, got G's stuff and took that kiddo back to school. Not sure what she missed in the 40 mins she was late, though. She wanted to go to school because she knew today would not be a fun day of staying home with mom. The stress level is rising here. I applied for no less 6 or 7 jobs from craigslist last night. And did you know craiglist even had jobs posted?

I am trying to find anything, freelance writing, HR, part-time, commissioned, anything because this is week two of no pay. Internet options are possible but seems to take forEVER getting signed up or getting to the small print that says, "Pay this exorbitant price and you too can be a multimillionaire. Income levels not guaranteed." Don't you love those?

Twitter can be a money maker but requires more and more followers. So join and follow me, the Ramblingmother, at it is easy and people will find you too to follow. You will be helping out a fellow blogger make a living or at least buy coffee!

Now I am racking my over taxed brain right now trying to think of who reads that would know ___ anyway. Honestly we never ran in the same circles, hmmm. Only one family I can think of but she is too old to be acting all highschool anyway. Oh the internets, how you strip anonymity with anonymity causing strife and ill will in your wake!


Christy said...

That just sucks! Dont you hate when you get those wonderful emails or comments-- all i say is dont come back then!!

Sorry about your high stress level this early in the morning. I hate mornings like that becuase ontop of the high level of stree I then feel guilty for getting mad at the kids. I swear 2 out of 5 mornings a week end like that in our home so feel better and know you are not alone-- heck, im right there with you!!

Sorry about the butt thing and the sore muscles. I laugh too when I wake up and feel like I had worked out hard the day before and then i realize its been years since I had worked out and the laughter begins. Oh well, I hope the stress level lessens as the day goes on. I will continue to pray for you on the job front. Im sure it is really hard right now not knowing what is up.

Big Hugs,

Christy :)

Briana's Mom said...

I have been having issues with Briana listening to me - meaning she doesn't. I will say to her, "Briana, come over to the sink to brush your teeth." "Now Briana." "Not tomorrow, now." "Come here now." It is sooo frustrating some times. I feel like a broken record!!!!

laurel said...

Hang in there. THere is nothing worse than back, neck and butt pain. I hope you feel better soon. And hang in there on the job hunt. SOmething will turn up!

Zeemaid said...

hope your day got better. That sucks re the don't talk about ___ call. I avoided those calls myself by being as anonymous as possible... that and so I can say whatever I want without an flack. *L*

Ellie Monster said...

Never underestimate the power of high school behavior! Even the most educated and eldest of individuals can shock you.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are just having a poopy week...sorry Bev. I know just adds to frustration and irritability when you are hurting so badly. I wish God would heal that right NOW...I will keep praying.

We have had two weeks of behavior like that with Lottie and Emma...:(

fricke92 said...

Sounds like your daughter and my son could be related! He is an expert at pushing all of my buttons until I go over the edge (and I hate going over the's so very unattractive!) Also sounds like you have a bit of sciatica pain. I had that last fall and was miserable. Good luck!

Kim said...

Funny what pushes our buttons. It drives me NUTS when Natalie won't stand still so I can pull her hair out of her eyes. She'll sway left and right, go down on her knees, jump, lay on the ground...arg!

I'm sorry you are so stressed!