Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

I have almost full range of motion back. I am still sore and in some spots extremely tender but I was able to put my hair in its clip and pick G up (first time in two days). I could tell a difference this morning for sure and the chiropractor noticed I had better range of motion too. G went with me this morning and was fascinated by it to say the least. Maybe I will push her into that field. Maybe I should look into it myself!

I need to update you all on the mulloscum virus on G's arms and legs: IT IS GONE! The last two nights she has been able to wear the same jams and use the same towel. That is a big deal. Took forever (it seems) to leave but it is gone. I was washing pjs and towels pretty much every day because I didn't want her to be re-infected. The Zymaderm worked and to all of you who may or may know of someone who comes in contact with it, tell them that Zymaderm works. We didn't even use it all so in case she is ever reinfected I still have some soap and medicine to use.

She told me last night that her bumps were gone but "your ni*pples (pimples) and moles are not, ha." Why yes she did learn to gloat, heh. I am just so glad her bumps are gone and that we don't have to deal with that anymore for now anyway. Like I said, she could always be re-infected but is no more susceptible than any other kid or adult. My cousin's son has it on his back from football so I was able to share the Zymaderm news with her to treat him. This is his second outbreak and both from playing football which is a big no no for those infected. Obviously someone doesn't know they have it and aren't getting treated for it. And the coaches aren't washing the clothes well either so he will be continually reinfected as will others.

Let's see, oh my oldest nephew is 16 today. Happy Birthday C! He is the oldest grandchild. He really is a sweetheart with a quick wit! Loves to hunt anything and everything. He is active in his local K-life. He is a pretty easy going kid too. C, I hope today is a fantastic day for you! You have been through a lot in 16 years but with Jesus on your side you are def weathering it well!

I do have pics to post but hope to get to them later today. I have a prospective renter stopping by at 1pm today so I have to go to the city AGAIN! I am over there as much as if I were working. I also am going to try to get a handle on the laundry. My dream is that all of my laundry will be done for at least a 24 hour period with no laundry waiting! I am not sure that is possible unless we all of a sudden become n*u*dists.


Lauri said...

Glad G is bump free finally, that is a hard thing to get rid of

Jill said...

Glad to hear you are BOTH doing better! WHEW!
Hugs, Jill

The Byrd's Nest said...

The prayers are working! So thankful about the bumps too...why is it that they point out all of our imperfections..sigh.

Emma Jane was in the closet with me one day and was looking at my nakie legs and said, "oh Mommy what is that?" I said "Oh Emma it's just's okay" she answered..."Poor poor Mommy!" lol

Vivian M said...

Hooray! that G's bumps are gone. and YAY! that you are starting to feel better!
Happy birthday to your nephew.