Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please Stop Dawn Johnsen

"March 31, 2009

"You simply won’t believe these outrageous quotes until you read them yourself:

"Mothers are Losers
'The argument that women who become pregnant have in some sense consented to the pregnancy belies reality…and others who are the inevitable losers in the contraceptive lottery no more ‘consent’ to pregnancy than pedestrians ‘consent’ to being struck by drunk drivers.’

"Pregnant Women are Fetal Containers
'The woman is constantly aware for nine months that her body is not wholly her own: the state has conscripted her body for its own ends. Thus, abortion restrictions ‘reduce pregnant women to no more than fetal containers.’

"Pregnancy equals Slavery
'Statutes that curtail her abortion choice are disturbingly suggestive of involuntary servitude, prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment, in that forced pregnancy requires a woman to provide continuous physical service to the fetus in order to further the state’s asserted interest.'

"All of these outrageous statements were made by Dawn Johnsen, who has been appointed by President Obama to head the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice."

These are the radical comments from an Obama appointee. Please help stop the madness go to the Susan B. Anthony site. See what real feminism is about!!

The Chair

Here it is. The chair. Isn't it funky? Despite G's appearance she loves it. It is rather comfy and makes a great race track!

These are new flowers I bought (cheaply), gerber daisies. I love them and wish I had a whole garden of them.

Then while at wally world yesterday, G and I picked up two bags of colored sand, blue and green. Then we had N over to play in it. Fun huhn?

Car Salesman in Chief

"On April 8, 1952, President Harry Truman ordered Commerce Secretary Charles Sawyer to seize and take over operation of most of the country’s steel mills. Truman cited no legislative authority for his actions. Instead, he cited the Korean War. Truman claimed there was a national emergency and his presidential war powers were all the authority he needed to nationalize the steel industry. The steel companies fought back, and in the landmark case Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer the Supreme Court found Truman’s actions to be unconstitutional.

"Justifying President Barack Obama’s unprecedented control over the U.S auto industry, an administration official told Politico: “We’re in an economic crisis, which takes shared responsibility and shared sacrifice. The only way that we will recover is if everybody puts a little skin in the game.” Unlike Truman, Obama actually has some legislative authority to hang his nationalization hat on: the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which created the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that Obama is using to control General Motors and Chrysler. But, as we argued at the time, the broad delegation of powers in the bill makes it constitutionally suspect. Did any member of Congress voting for EESA really even contemplate that the bill would lead to a President of the United States saying this:

"In this context, my administration will offer General Motors adequate working capital over the next 60 days. During this time, my team will be working closely with GM to produce a better business plan. … I am confident that if we are each willing to do our part, then this restructuring, as painful as it will be in the short-term, will mark not an end, but a new beginning for a great American industry; an auto industry that is once more out-competing the world; a 21st century auto industry that is creating new jobs, unleashing new prosperity, and manufacturing the fuel-efficient cars and trucks that will carry us toward an energy independent future.

"As great of a lawyer, community activist and law professor as President Obama may have been, when has he ever run any company or come up with a single business plan? Now he’s running General Motors? But Obama didn’t stop at auto company CEO:

"No one can deny that our auto industry has made meaningful progress in recent years. Some of the cars made by American workers are now outperforming the best cars made abroad. In 2008, the North American Car of the Year was a GM. … just in case there are still nagging doubts, let me say it as plainly as I can –- if you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always. Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it’s ever been. Because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warranty.

"Did we elect a president or a car salesman? Problem is, when we let the government become a market participant, there is no difference. Hence the slew of other incentives Obama threw at the auto industry.

"Back in November we argued that bankruptcy was the best option for General Motors. But others argued that General Motors needed more time to prepare for a filing. Its now four months later and the Obama Administration is claiming GM should have another 60 days. This political charade must end. No President of the United States should be selling cars out of the Grand Foyer of the White House. It’s embarrassing. Bankruptcy is still the best policy for General Motors and Chrysler."

Really he is the President and Thief! He is stealing private businesses. He should let the companies fail. The union is one of the largest causes of the finance mess with the auto industry. If fair wages could be paid without union organization and demands the cars might not be failing. Unions were needed once upon a time, no longer.

Out of Pocket

At the daycare, today helping the wonderful Ms. E in G's class. Ms. E is having a garage sale to sell the stuff she had while in college (recent graduate, recent marriage). She is very creative so I mentioned that she probably had some really cool stuff. Well her hubby said any money she made from selling her old stuff would go to grown up new stuff. Well she mentioned that she had a zebra print shoe chair that she was going to sell. SCORE! So I told her we wanted it so to let us know when she was going to have the sale and we would come get it. I think G will love it!

Anyway, this morning at drop off I asked if she already had the sale and she said she hadn't but that she is giving G the chair. We don't have to buy it. All for my volunteering and G bringing her flowers two days last week. Isn't she wonderful? So all that to say, tomorrow if things go well G will have a newish chair, fun huhn?

Our across the street neighbor was outside yesterday afternoon when G and I came back from wally world. G was outside waiting on me and she came running in to tell me N was outside. I asked if she was the only one or if anyone else was with her. She said, "Well, the big people were out there."
I said, "The big people? Which big people?"
She said, "Maybe, I saw her mama and her daddy. But I don't know who dey were."

So now you know we are the big people.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Beginning the Third Month...

of unemployment. This is coming into April and the next several months are high celebration months in the M family. G's bday is this month, Dad's bday, Mother's Day, referral day are all in May, then Father's Day in June, and last Gotcha/Family Day (or as G would say, "Fambly day) in July. Several bday parties will be involved not just Gs. We do have travel buddy bdays to celebrate. Swim lessons I hope. Maybe my mom will pay for them again. I really want G to be a strong swimmer. I hope to take her to the beach (lake) several times this summer.

For her bday we are using my parent's churches multipurpose room. We are focusing on creativity with bead jewelry. I have to get the girls names ready and make sure I have enough string for the whatevers they want to make. I am debating on using the hotdog machine the church has or getting pizza. Pizza is pretty filling and cheap so I may go for the pizza.

Of course I have discovered my most favorite store the Dollar Tree. Oh yes it is! There is so much there. If you are careful you can really get some great deals there. They have juice boxes and bagged chips, napkins and bday decorations. So this bday party may be pretty cheap or rather inexpensive.

Oh and of course cupcakes or cake, not decided there. I don't wish to be stuck with any extra cake or cupcakes so I just don't know yet. I don't typically serve ice cream cause from general observation at other parties, I just don't see this age kid eat both. They either do one or the other but not both. And ice cream makes a much larger mess!

I will probably bring cupcakes to her school on her actual bday to celebrate with her class. Makes it easier to not invite all the kids to the actual bday party. I just can't afford that many kids at a party. Plus it will be rather girly though for the very few boys (1) I will have more manly beads or encourage a mother's day gift.

I have some pre-lay off gifts for referral day, gotcha/family day and bday. Of course there is a huge sale at a framer's in big city that has two fish pics that G and I love. I can totally see decorating her bathroom in fish and the pics are on sale down to $20 each already framed. I want them both for $20. And while we were looking around in there the other day I came across a framed poster of the Princess and the Pauper (barbie) for $9.99. G wants it. I am not fond of barbie generally speaking but G has seen this video and she really wants the poster. I can't decide. Obviously I don't need to spend any money on what some would call frivolous stuff but you really can't beat the price of the poster!! She may forget about it soon enough and I may let her, heh.

Art and Animals

Some pics of G's art on her doodle pro, lite bright and her legos. Then there is the other 'family' members, Abigail, Simon and Clementine. Simon is G's favorite cat. Abigail is just so old and overweight that G thinks she is not fun or friendly. Plus Abigail got trapped in my bedroom today and pee'd the bed, not that she needs an excuse to do it. But the good side is we are sleeping on clean sheets for the second time this week, heh.

G loving on Simon. See how enthused Simon is about it?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's Talk Injustice

Here is the article that makes this US administration more hypocritical and unjust than any in the past except for maybe Carter's administration and that was just stupid. A $1.01 tax hike on cigarettes? Come on? Are you serious? Yea, smoking is really bad for you and second hand smoke isn't good either. And yes when drivers are lighting cigarettes they can run into you by missing a four way stop (I know personally) but alcohol kills more people, damages more families, harms more children than cigarettes. One alcoholic beverage impairs the driving ability of every person to some extent. Why are we not taxing alcohol? Is it the fashionable drug of choice? Leave the smoker's alone.

Here is the next thing idiot Obama, when you come to depend on the $1.01 tax hike and it backfires, meaning people quit smoking or figure out another way to get cigs without paying it, then you have a decrease in tax collection and can't fund the way too far into personal lives child health care program that you are planning. Then what? You tax everyone else. And what about the promise made in the 8 years of campaigning that only the rich will see a tax hike? Guess what? Average everyday joes smoke. This is going to hit poor families hard.

And lest you my dear reader think I am upset because I will have to pay this tax, never fear, I don't smoke. But I also don't drink (2 glasses champagne in 4 years, not a teetotaler but not classified as a drinker) nor do I chew or go with boys who do! I think smoking is a filthy habit but it is less harmful generally speaking than alcohol. Typically you don't see families break up over cigarettes but you do over alcohol.

I guess now that Obama is the pres he can afford this tax hike on his own filthy smoking habit so why not be fair and jack up other's too?

Zoo Pics

I took G to the zoo on Friday. I tell you, we get the most out of our family pass every year. It was cool but not cold. One of our newest favorite stops to make is the foot massager for $.25. It just about rattles your brains.

This cheetah was pacing like he was very hungry. It is sort of a cruel set up because the meercats are right across the path from the cheetahs. The meercats happened not to be in the pen this day though.

OOOH and we have two red pandas that stay pretty much far up in the tree tops.

Another thing G loves is to throw money in the reflecting pool. It happened to be some of her change.

Posing with a hippo.
This day we wore the same shirts to the zoo and our 'matching' flip flops and G says, "Hey, we wook wike twins." I said, "We sure do, baby."
The other day we were at the market and I gave G a $20 to pay the bill. The cashier gave me the change and G looked at me and said through clinched teeth trying not to make a scene, "That's my change."
I said, "No, it is mine."
She said, "But I paid for it." She wasn't mad just trying to tell me without causing either of us embarrassment. Isn't she considerate?
After our afternoon painting at the pottery place G asks, "Mama can we go to the 'ottery." Took me a bit to figure out what she was talking about, LOL.
G and I both have the yucky sinus drainage plus going on. I can't get G dried up, and she complains of a soar throat, but she hasn't had a fever. Of course the temps have been in the 70s and today is dropping to low 40s or high 30s. No wonder we are sick.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Mom and dad brought me back a very pretty pashmina. It is a green color with gold and silver threads in it. Mom said it was a last minute purchase because she knows how I love them.

Then there is a very clear pic of my hand holding a very blurry silver cross. She got the necklace and matching earrings for me, her and my sister. Sorry the pic is blurry it was either a blurry cross or a clear cross with my double chin that I figured I would spare you from, heh.
Then she picked up this very pretty mother of pearl bracelet. All the gifts were very nice. They picked G up a hand carved flute (noise maker) and a camel made of camel's hide. The guide said they don't kill the camels to make the souvenirs but use already dead camel's hide and bones for boxes and such.

Here is a pic of me taken by G. I think I was ready to grab the camera out of fear of her dropping it. Oh and it was a windy day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Times: They Are A Changin'

So I am going to be 39 sometime this year which means I was born in 1970 (in case math is difficult for you as it sometimes is for me). Now, I don't remember a lot about my toddlerhood and childhood but I am pretty sure there were no matching br*as and pa*nty sets for 4 year olds when I was one. I will have to ask my mom but I am pretty sure there just weren't any.

In this day and age though, there are girls in G's class who are wearing matching b & p sets. Not just standard white sets but se*xy black ones with pink ribbons on them, AT AGE 4. What the heck!?!?!?!

4 year olds haven't anything to put in br*a by the way, not even chunky kids. So is it any wonder why we have children being kidnapped and sold into prostitution in this country when we have over se*xua*lized our children? And no, matching sets for 4 year olds aren't cute. Dressing a 4 year old up like a little woman is NOT, I repeat NOT, cute! It will never be cute. So who came up with the idea to make and sell matching br*a and pa*nty sets to the pre-school set?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What We Did This Afternoon

The days are so warm and long that G loves to be outside. So in the wind, we played (shortly after coming in the rain came through). There are thunderstorms coming through tonight.
I am still working on my parent's trip book. Kodak (at least my mother's kodak) and Shutterfly don't like each other. Shutterfly won't recognize my mom's pictures as jpeg though they are. So I loaded the pics to ArtsCow. Now I like that ArtsCow allows much more flexibility to the layouts, backgrounds etc. I also like that they are much cheaper. I like that I can add either pictures or text or both to a pre-set layout. It seems to be much more fluid than Shutterfly.
What I don't like is that I can't add pictures to the book even though the option is there. I don't like that I can only see one picture at a time to choose from to put in the book (shutterfly shows more pictures at a time). I don't like that the pictures don't necessarily re-size like Shutterfly.
I can't speak of the quality yet as I haven't ordered the (now going to be) two books of the trip. I will have two 8x8 39page books when I am done rather than one large book of the trip. Oh well, mom says she doesn't mind.
Shutterfly started a new share site that is like a blog but will allow many more photos and photo books (but only those loaded with Shutterfly) to be displayed. I started a sight called More Memories of Life. I can display many more pics there than on blogger and Shutterfly has unlimited free storage. I don't know how long ArtsCow will store photos. I am not sure if I set the sight up to be by invite only so if you go there and can't see anything let me know.

Dumbing Down Marriage (an excerpt)

by Allen Hunt (find full article link in title of post)

"Marriage is a gift, something to be cherished and nurtured. Marriage and family are among God's greatest gifts to us. Marriage provides a bedrock for our society, an underlying foundation of stability for children. However, marriage is not a right, something to which each of us is entitled, any more than home-ownership is a right. Not everyone is designed for marriage. Marriage may be a gift, but it is not the only gift, nor is it a gift absolutely intended for everyone.

"The total union, commitment, and fidelity of a marriage between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing when done well. Is it always done well? Of course not. But that does not mean that the government or our society should therefore dumb down the definition of marriage to bless any configuration an individual might desire. Nor should we continue to stand and applaud the trend toward incomplete homes and fatherless children in the name of feminism and women's rights. The stakes simply are too high, for all of us."

The whole article should be read by everyone who thinks rights are being trampled on by not re-defining marriage as more than one man and one woman. Marriage has never been a right, ever. But it is a stabilizing force in a community and when a community/government/individuals rip it to shreds we are left with well look around, an entitlement society who will take what is felt to be theirs without regard to others in society.

What we need to do is strengthen marriages by making divorce more difficult except in the cases of physical and emotional abuse (abusers should go to jail then rehab). If the government would pay more attention to two parent families then maybe there would be more two parent families in the traditional sense. The government has made it too easy to have babies out of wedlock for the rest of society to pay for! We need a refocus!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pro-Life Hero of the Week

Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri stood his ground to veto or not sign into law an assisted suicide measure in Luxembourg. As you can see the parliament had to change the constitution to get the law passed and then it only passed by 4 votes. (to read full article click the title for the link)

"The vote on the bill was 30-26, but it was stalled for some time. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition explains. 'The fact is that they've now gone to extreme measures even to carry this out because the Grand Duke of Luxembourg originally refused to sign the bill into law,' he says.

"That forced Parliament to take drastic action to make it legal. 'They went as far as to change their constitution in order to make sure that he didn't need to sign the bill into law for it to become law,' says the pro-life activist."

In all of the bad economic and anti-life news there are still people willing to take a stand against the tide of death sweeping nations.

Stop Pro-Abortion Nominee Dawn Johnsen

This is from an e-mail I recieved from the Susan B. Anthony List. Since Obama is president we have to wait 4 years to vote him out. We only have to wait 2 years to turn the house and senate back to republican control though. But in the meantime we can fight like the dickens to keep his nominations from reaching the full blown harmful positions he is attempting to appoint them to. Here is an example of one that needs to be stopped:

"The Obama Administration's roll-out of Department of Justice appointments has been like a greatest hits parade of abortion advocates.

"The latest pro-abortion lawyer to go before the Senate for confirmation is the worst yet.
Write to your Senators today and tell them to oppose Dawn Johnsen's nomination to be Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel.

"While it comes as no surprise that President Obama would nominate administration officials who share his pro-abortion beliefs, it is shocking that he would nominate someone as radical as Dawn Johnsen.

"Here is a just a short list of Dawn Johnsen's pro-abortion record.
- Dawn Johnsen has worked for the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project and she was the legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).
- Johnsen has compared pregnancy to slavery. In 1989, she wrote that abortion restrictions such as the partial-birth abortion ban and parental notification laws result in “forced pregnancies,”which she claimed amounts to “involuntary servitude."
- She has argued that the government should strip the Catholic Church and other religious denominations of their tax exempt status because of their pro-life advocacy.
- She was heavily involved in the authorship of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would repeal every state and federal restriction on abortion and further enshrine abortion as the law of the land.
- In a paper given to mark the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, she said the first priority of the progressive agenda was to 'focus on the courts as the vehicle of desired change.'

"The Office of Legal Counsel advises the federal government on how to interpret policy, law, and regulations in light of the Constitution. In other words, Dawn Johnsen will determine the legal course of the entire government."

Go to the Susan B. Anthony site and send your e-mails to stop this nomination!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday News Items with Commentary

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama 'ignorant'- Umm, yea, well, Pot Meet Kettle

Lawmakers officially kill church finance bill "Members of a Connecticut legislative committee are officially killing a controversial bill that would have changed how Roman Catholic parish finances are handled.
"The committee leaders also held a two-hour meeting to discuss how the bill first came to light."-
The deal is the the state government shouldn't be telling a church of any denomination how to handle finances. You know that whole mis-quoted "Separation of Church and State" comment? Yea, well, it works both ways! State and federal governments should stay out of church business.

Napolitano's absence benefits AZ pro-lifers- Way to go Arizona!! Two very important pro-life bills passed one for informed consent (who doesn't want women to know fully what they are doing by having an abortion? oh yea pro-abortionists) and the second is for enforcement for the ban on partial birth abortion. All done because the pro-death governor Napolitano is now working directly for Obama in Homeland Security. Now don't you all feel safer?

STDs a growing trend among America's youth- Comprehensive sex ed would lie at the base of this CDC report that shows STDs are getting worse not better. Abstinence education would not only teach children not to have sex but give them reasons and self respect. It isn't a "just don't do it" or "just say no," but bringing kids up to a higher standard instead of saying, "Well you are going to do it anyway so here is how to do it safely."

Guess what, kids know the how to do it, now they need the reasons not to do it and building self respect is one of the best ways. Yea I heard that abstinence fails well so does comprehensive sex ed and on a much greater scale.

That is it for now because my G needs some mama lovin'.

Join the Tea Party Protests

Freedom ain't free! Barney Obama Pelosi will cost us our lives not just our finances. It is time to protest because Obama has already shown he lives by polls and if the polls say he sucks then maybe he won't keep making stupid mistakes and policies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Praise of Black Conservatives

By David Bozeman

"As published at the Liberty Features Syndicate.

"No word is more overused in public discourse today than 'courage.' A loyal viewer hailed CBS for its courage in producing Swingtown, the now defunct series detailing the sexual infidelities of married couples in the 70s (bedhopping on network TV — what a daring concept). Sean Penn was dubbed courageous for his nauseating Oscar acceptance speech, as are most liberal entertainers who spew left-wing tripe before adoring audiences.

"But if going verbally against the (real or perceived) grain of public opinion defines courage, then should we not salute those black Americans who are not celebrating the presidency of Barack Obama? Black Americans who didn't vote for Obama are statistically insignificant, though we harbor that sliver of hope that Michael Steele will be the one to attract the masses of black voters that Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice never did. Nonetheless, they can inspire us — with American rationality numbed by Obama-mania, soon we may all be black conservatives.

"Just before the election, popandpolitics.com profiled Joe Hicks, a conservative radio host in Los Angeles. Hicks also heads a nonpartisan think tank that focuses on issues of race in society. He numbers among the fewer than 1 in 10 black voters who supported the McCain/Palin ticket. He is one of those described as “the marginalized of the marginalized.” A proud liberal for much of his life, when he came out as a conservative, he heard the familiar calls of 'Uncle Tom,' 'Traitor' and 'Sellout' from his colleagues.

"Certainly some black conservatives were torn between their ideology and their racial identity, wanting to be part of history in electing Barack Obama. Former GOP Congressman J.C. Watts expressed his indecision and we all know how Colin Powell opted — but then was he ever a conservative in the first place?

"Dena, who I met through a conservative website, was never undecided. She is a black single mother who, like Hicks, lives in Los Angeles. She proudly supported McCain/Palin (which, in LA, is brave in itself). Also like Hicks, she was a liberal for much of her life. She desperately wants more for herself and her son. She would love to be married someday, though in the meantime she relies on her own grit and determination and the support of friends and her church to help her through tough times. She reveres Dr. King's memory and one of her greatest recollections is of having once seen Rosa Parks. Not only does President Obama not factor into her unwavering optimism, she can't stand the guy, mainly for his stances on abortion and increasing dependency on the federal government, referring to him merely by his first and third initials.

"If Joe Hicks and Dena — and Alan Keyes and Larry Elder and Star Parker and Thomas Sowell — don't amount to profiles in courage, they certainly earn points for marching to their own beat.
Conservatism has never been chic, but now with Obama it is all but marginalized and black conservatives are often more reviled than their white counterparts. They are perceived as betraying the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and, thus, their own people. Few were offended that Clarence Thomas was portrayed as a lawn jockey in editorial cartoons. Even moderate Republican Condoleeza Rice was graphically depicted in Civil War-era stereotype for her loyalty to President Bush and barely an eyebrow was raised. Certainly knowing that our nation's major parties are both headed by black men should make Americans proudly aware of our progress, but that fact has yet to resonate. It's still Barack Obama's moment. Say what you will about them, black conservatives have little to gain personally by standing on conviction. In the words of Joe Hicks, “If I wanted to be on the winning side, I'd be sitting here telling you how great Obama is.”

"Maybe because black conservatives are so few in number they stand out more. Perhaps I am gushing in the manner of a white liberal, but I can attest that black conservatives are among the most dedicated, hardworking activists I know of. They are among the most optimistic, too — they don't complain about being called 'Uncle Tom' nearly as much as we complain for them.

"If Barack Obama truly represents as post-racial America, then his presidency does offer us some reason to applaud. Nonetheless, the colorblind society he supposedly embodies before adoring crowds, I have already seen — thanks to black conservatives (and other unheralded black Americans in everyday life). They quietly forge ahead as, again, the marginalized of the marginalized. But they are too focused to ask for any fanfare. Dena once noted that a sad legacy of the Civil Rights Movement was the notion that black Americans must march in lockstep ideologically, but she has little idea of the range and importance of her lonely voice in the arena of public discourse. Joe Hicks is equally unmoved: 'I'm conservative. I'm Republican. Beyond that, I find the whole racial component a bit odd.'”

"David Bozeman is a syndicated columnist."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama's Spoiled Red Herring

"By Robert Romano

"It might be a good time for President Barack Obama to take a week off. And perhaps go fishing.
This week, the President waxed highly indignant that American International Group (AIG), Inc. gave out some $165 million in contractual bonuses after receiving more than one-thousand times that amount, some $173 billion, in taxpayer-guaranteed bailouts.

"Unfortunately for the White House, the whole episode ultimately has unwittingly turned into a net negative for the president. It's an irony, and one that could prove quite damaging in 2010.

"The New York Times' Adam Nagourney laid out the beginnings of the Great Bonus Scam just on March 15th in some detail in his piece, “Bracing for a Bailout Over Wall Street Bailouts,” writing that “The administration's sharp rebuke of the American International Group on Sunday for handing out $165 million in executive bonuses… marks the latest effort by the White House to distance itself from abuses that could feed potentially disruptive public anger.”

"At first the feigned outrage was nothing more than a contrived red herring to divert and deflect public outrage over bailouts away from government that gave undeserving bailouts onto the undeserving firms that gobbled them up.

"Only Mr. Obama forgot to wash the pungent scent of the herring off his hands before posturing and preening at the podium. And, instead of throwing off the trail, once the hounds were done ripping the red herring to shreds, they showed up back on the doorstep of the White House, itself.

"What they discovered was the fact that the President had actually signed the legislation—the $787 billion “stimulus”—that guaranteed that the controversial contractual bonuses would be paid. What's worse was the admission by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) that he inserted the amendment at the explicit direction of Mr. Obama's Treasury.

"To be fair to the President, it is possible that he still has not read the 1100-page bill that he made law. So it not altogether surprising that he is the first president to denounce his own legislation—only a month after enacting it. Bravo.

"Earlier in the week, the President stated with mock outrage, "This is a corporation that finds itself in financial distress due to recklessness and greed. Under these circumstances, it's hard to understand how derivative traders at AIG warranted any bonuses, much less 165 million dollars in extra pay. How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?"

"Well, sir, the way they justify it is by getting to first sign off on it. Pure and simple.
In truth, this is a solid example of pay-to-play corruption. Since 1989, AIG has donated more than $4.37 million to candidates for federal office—including Mr. Obama. In 2008, the company gave $644,218 to candidates, and in return, it received from the Federal Reserve some $173 billion in taxpayer-guaranteed loans. That represents nearly a 27 million percent return on investment 2008 alone.

"Of particular note, Senator Chris Dodd received some $103,900 from AIG in 2008—and in the 2009 “stimulus” legislation, he dutifully inserted the amendment that guaranteed that bonuses would be paid by adding language to a spending cap that specifically excluded executive bonuses included in contracts.

"The only politician who took more than Senator Dodd, not so coincidentally, was one Barack Obama. He took some $104,332 from AIG in 2008. And he then made sure his benefactors got their bonuses.

"In fact, according to OpenSecrets.org, no politician in 2008 took more money from the troubled insurance giant than Mr. Obama.

"All of which, of course, leaves a lot of egg on Mr. Obama's face.

"Every politician who received donations from AIG, and any other bailout-recipient firms, should return them to the taxpayers who are now paying, as the President noted, to keep these companies afloat. That is the least they can do to avoid the perception—or, more accurately, the reality—of a quid pro quo.

"In short, they should put their money where their mouth is.

"Instead, Mr. Obama put his foot where his mouth is. Perhaps now that he's finished posturing and preening in front of the prompter, he'll be able to dislodge it while he fishes for some more herrings to distract the American people from what an amateur he really is—as well as what he is really after: the total socialization of American society.

"Clearly, the herring isn't the only thing that is red in the Obama White House."

"Robert Romano is Senior Editor of ALG News Bureau."

all bold and italics are blog author's emphasis.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They Are Home

G's first glimpse. Sorry it is blurry, I was too close to them and they moved too quickly. A friend of my mom's is holding G up to see over the crowd. I am not sure who was happier, G or the grandparents.

Grandad gets to her first. Then Grammie comes up.
By the time we got back to our house G had fallen asleep. Grammie told us about the trip the whole way home but not everything so we are going tomorrow to see pics and visit more. We are letting them sleep today. They were both really really tired, understandably so.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If Only Obama Were 1/4 of the Man George W. Bush Is

Bush: Obama 'Deserves My Silence,' Won't Criticize New Administration
Bush declined to critique the Obama administration Tuesday in his first speech since leaving office.
I guarantee if the table were reversed Obama wouldn't keep his mouth shut seeing how he still blames Bush for all of his own failings.

Obama can't quit blaming others for the mess he and the Dems have created. He bad mouthed McCain during the presidential race and then steals McCain's words about our fundamentally sound economy to banter about when just about every time Obama speaks the dow takes a dive.
Here is the newest quote-"Obama lies; babies die". I am getting a bumper sticker made! Obama lies about the need for embryonic stem cell research and about Bush's stance on it (which were limited lines limited federal funds totally open for private investments if they wanted)claiming Obama is helping science move forward. Science surpassed Obama a long time ago and found that embryonic stem cells do not hold the key to the future! Adult stem cells are more promising!

Obama claims to be the most transparent pres and administration but um nope! I linked to an article about that a few days ago.

Obama is not a friend to the military wanting the servicemen to pay for their own health care when they return from Iraq/Afghanistan. Obama is totally a politician governing based on the fickle polls!

I hope to goodness that in two years the people wake up and force Obama into a lame duck presidency by voting conservative (true conservatives) majority in both house and senate!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interview Update

Well I don't think it went well but we shall see. One interviewee left while I was waiting and they were not dressed in a suit which I was but she may have interviewed better. Who knows. They are interviewing the rest of this week and hope to have someone in place mid-April. I just didn't walk away with a good sense about it.

I will keep trying. A little disappointed but at least I know that resume can get me interviews! I wish I had it the whole time. Tomorrow grammie and grandad come home. We are meeting them at the airport but they don't know that. They are asleep now waiting for the alarm to tell them it is time to leave. Pray for traveling mercies for them!

We also have our theraplay appt in the afternoon so we will already be in big city to go to the airport. I was going to go to the zoo in the morning but the more I thought about that the less appealing it became staying in big city all day. So def won't do that.

I will be volunteering at G's school again in her class. One little boy was sent home today because he was just plain wild. I tell you he is ADD or ADHD and ODD. His grandma came to get him shortly after I dropped G off this morning. He had been running circles in the sanctuary, ha! I hope we have a good day tomorrow.

Very Good Article with Lots of Truth

"Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities

"Today conservatism is stigmatized in our culture as an antiminority political philosophy. In certain quarters, conservatism is simply racism by another name. And minorities who openly identify themselves as conservatives are still novelties, fish out of water.

"Yet there is now the feeling that without an appeal to minorities, conservatism is at risk of marginalization. The recent election revealed a Republican Party -- largely white, male and Southern -- seemingly on its way to becoming a "regional" party. Still, an appeal targeted just at minorities -- reeking as it surely would of identity politics -- is anathema to most conservatives. Can't it be assumed, they would argue, that support of classic principles -- individual freedom and equality under the law -- constitutes support of minorities? And, given the fact that blacks and Hispanics often poll more conservatively than whites on most social issues, shouldn't there be an easy simpatico between these minorities and political conservatism?

"But of course the reverse is true. There is an abiding alienation between the two -- an alienation that I believe is the great new challenge for both modern conservatism and formerly oppressed minorities. Oddly, each now needs the other to evolve.

"Yet why this alienation to begin with? Can it be overcome?

"I think it began in a very specific cultural circumstance: the dramatic loss of moral authority that America suffered in the 1960s after openly acknowledging its long mistreatment of blacks and other minorities. Societies have moral accountability, and they cannot admit to persecuting a race of people for four centuries without losing considerable moral legitimacy. Such a confession -- honorable as it may be -- virtually calls out challenges to authority. And in the 1960s challenges emerged from everywhere -- middle-class white kids rioted for "Free Speech" at Berkeley, black riots decimated inner cities across the country, and violent antiwar protests were ubiquitous. America suddenly needed a conspicuous display of moral authority in order to defend the legitimacy of its institutions against relentless challenge.

"This was the circumstance that opened a new formula for power in American politics: redemption. If you could at least seem to redeem America of its past sins, you could win enough moral authority to claim real political power. Lyndon Johnson devastated Barry Goldwater because -- among other reasons -- he seemed bent on redeeming America of its shameful racist past, while Goldwater's puritanical libertarianism precluded his even supporting the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Johnson's Great Society grandly advertised a new American racial innocence. If it utterly failed to "end poverty in our time," it succeeded -- through a great display of generosity toward minorities and the poor -- in recovering enough moral authority to see the government through the inexorable challenges of the '60s.

"When redemption became a term of power, "redemptive liberalism" was born -- a new activist liberalism that gave itself a "redemptive" profile by focusing on social engineering rather than liberalism's classic focus on individual freedom. In the '60s there was no time to allow individual freedom to render up the social good. Redemptive liberalism would proactively engineer the good. Name a good like "integration," and then engineer it into being through a draconian regimen of school busing. If the busing did profound damage to public education in America, it gave liberals the right to say, "At least we did something!" In other words, we are activists against America's old sin of segregation. Activism is moral authority in redemptive liberalism.

"But conservatism sees moral authority more in a discipline of principles than in activism. It sees ideas of the good like "diversity" as mere pretext for the social engineering that always leads to unintended and oppressive consequences. Conservatism would enforce the principles that ensure individual freedom, and then allow "the good" to happen by "invisible hand."

"And here is conservatism's great problem with minorities. In an era when even failed moral activism is redemptive -- and thus a source of moral authority and power -- conservatism stands flat-footed with only discipline to offer. It has only an invisible hand to compete with the activism of the left. So conservatism has no way to show itself redeemed of America's bigoted past, no way like the Great Society to engineer a grand display of its innocence, and no way to show deference to minorities for the oppression they endured. Thus it seems to be in league with that oppression.

"Added to this, American minorities of color -- especially blacks -- are often born into grievance-focused identities. The idea of grievance will seem to define them in some eternal way, and it will link them atavistically to a community of loved ones. To separate from grievance -- to say simply that one is no longer racially aggrieved -- will surely feel like an act of betrayal that threatens to cut one off from community, family and history. So, paradoxically, a certain chauvinism develops around one's sense of grievance. Today the feeling of being aggrieved by American bigotry is far more a matter of identity than of actual aggrievement.

"And this identity calls minorities to an anticonservative orientation to American politics. It makes for an almost ancestral resistance to conservatism. One's identity of grievance is flattered by the moral activism of the left and offended by the invisible hand of the right. Minorities feel they were saved from oppression by the left's activism, not by the right's discipline. The truth doesn't matter much here (in fact it took both activism and principle, civil war and social movement, to end this oppression). But activism indicates moral anguish in whites, and so it constitutes the witness minorities crave. They feel seen, understood. With the invisible hand the special case of their suffering doesn't count for much, and they go without witness.

"So here stands contemporary American conservatism amidst its cultural liabilities and, now, its electoral failures -- with no mechanism to redeem America of its shames, atavistically resisted by minorities, and vulnerable to stigmatization as a bigoted and imperialistic political orientation. Today's liberalism may stand on decades of failed ideas, but it is failure in the name of American redemption. It remains competitive with -- even ascendant over -- conservatism because it addresses America's moral accountability to its past with moral activism. This is the left's great power, and a good part of the reason Barack Obama is now the president of the United States. No matter his failures -- or the fruitlessness of his extravagant and scatter-gun governmental activism -- he redeems America of an ugly past. How does conservatism compete with this?

"The first impulse is to moderate. With "compassionate conservatism" and "affirmative access" and "faith-based initiatives," President George W. Bush tried to show a redemptive conservatism that could be activist against the legacy of America's disgraceful past. And it worked electorally by moderating the image of conservatives as uncaring disciplinarians. But in the end it was only a marketer's ploy -- a shrewd advertisement with no actual product to sell.

"What drew me to conservatism years ago was the fact that it gave discipline a slightly higher status than virtue. This meant it could not be subverted by passing notions of the good. It could be above moral vanity. And so it made no special promises to me as a minority. It neglected me in every way except as a human being who wanted freedom. Until my encounter with conservatism I had only known the racial determinism of segregation on the one hand and of white liberalism on the other -- two varieties of white supremacy in which I could only be dependent and inferior.

"The appeal of conservatism is the mutuality it asserts between individual and political freedom, its beautiful idea of a free man in a free society. And it offers minorities the one thing they can never get from liberalism: human rather than racial dignity. I always secretly loved Malcolm X more than Martin Luther King Jr. because Malcolm wanted a fuller human dignity for blacks -- one independent of white moral wrestling. In a liberalism that wants to redeem the nation of its past, minorities can only be ciphers in white struggles of conscience.

"Liberalism's glamour follows from its promise of a new American innocence. But the appeal of conservatism is relief from this supercilious idea. Innocence is not possible for America. This nation did what it did. And conservatism's appeal is that it does not bank on the recovery of lost innocence. It seeks the discipline of ordinary people rather than the virtuousness of extraordinary people. The challenge for conservatives today is simply self-acceptance, and even a little pride in the way we flail away at problems with an invisible hand."

Just a little something to think about.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Am I the Only One...

Who can't remember details about past employment like rate of pay for temp work or addresses or names of supervisors for work experiences less than 6 months? I am completing an app for an interview tomorrow at 2pm, pray and send me good thoughts please, and I can't think of any of it. The experiences must cover 10 years with no gaps.

Also, one job I worked required all employment experiences ever not just in the past 10 years but ever, and at the time it wasn't so much, but now if I had to I would be in so much trouble. This is for the last 10 years but honestly I can't see why because the position isn't really for a secure spot but it is for an airline but not at the airport.

Thanks to a friend who totally did my resume for me just because I got the phone interview the same day I e-mailed the resume. Amazing huhn? My resume was professional and boring. She sparked it up and it totally doesn't look like me but has all the pertinent info in it. This resume is for some glamorous super confident outgoing person, so totally not me, heh.

And this was also the only job on careerbuilder today in my area for which I was qualified or had experience. Finances wise, it is right in my alley, sort of. The drive is not as far as 3rd thing by half. Still in big city but not bad. I will be hoofing lunch with me if I get the position, won't be able to afford to eat out.

Maybe this is all a sign. So at about 2pmish send me positive thoughts and lift me up to God for prayer. He knows what He is doing though sometimes I wish He would let me in the know.

A Funny Story

So you see this "puzzle" contraption? Kids of a certain height which would also typically mean a certain age and maturity level can climb through this serious of caged what looks like puzzle pieces. So Friday while we were there, G got up in there as she has done on several previous visits.

This time I broke the written rule and went backwards (up stairs) to the top where the kids are supposed to come out to see G finish the climb. Well, on the stairs was a dad who had his two little kids. One kid was still in diapers. You see where I am going with this? Let me just say, adults can't get in this contraption and neither can some tweeners. Amazing isn't it? So this dad lets his old enough daughter climb through it and encourages not old enough son to go too. Not old enough son was not speaking and walking but some what unsteady.

So G and I leave this area returning to the ground level and other interesting artifacts only to hear a blood curdling scream then many many many tears. Well, old enough daughter and not old enough son got pretty far in the contraption then couldn't see how to get out. I am sure dad was well meaning in his encouragement but kids got stuck. Not old enough son wouldn't calm down long enough to follow old enough big sis nor could he hear his dad's instruction.

Everything turned out well in the end because I saw all of them later on ground level. I told G that was why she couldn't go up until she was tall enough and old enough to not get scared and stuck. It was a "just shake your head and move on" kind of moment.

This is a pick from the ground to show how tall it is. Clearly dad was not a rule follower, heh.

Theology Discussion With Anon.

"It sounds like you have a lot of anger inside towards this administration. Try to direcet[sic] your anger towards living your life the way you believe is true and just, - be the change you wish to see in the world. May God bless you.

"Grudge not, brethren, one against another, that you may not be judged. Behold the judge standeth before the door. James 5:9"

Yes, Anon, I would like the world to stop killing unborn babies which is where my anger burns. Plus, the heart of man is wicked, we should not judge based on our own hearts but on what God's word says.

And I am no more angry towards this administration as liberals were at Bush. Oh wait, maybe you have something there, as there was hatred to the nth degree towards Bush wasn't there? Though I am not angry at Obama; just frustrated at the stupid decisions being made that kill babies and will lead to killing of the elderly (just wait for it).

Jesus and His apostles called us to judge rightly actions, not the motives of the heart behind the actions. I am judging rightly, killing unborn babies is wrong, no matter who you are! Doing experiments on embryos who are fully human scientifically speaking (they have all 46 chromosomes) is wrong! And Obama is the "baby killing president," much more so than Clinton which is pretty difficult considering to whom Clinton is married. I can't say anything of Obama's heart and where it turns, but by his actions it isn't looking good.

Please go back and think out fully the implications of your comment. There are people living out what they believe is true and right and is totally against the laws of God, I am thinking of abortionists, physician's willing to assist in suicide, and Nazi's putting Jewish people in concentration camps. All of these live/d according to their beliefs in what they thought was true and right. Man's heart cannot be the judge of truth. Neither can man's situation be the judge of what is right and wrong. But since there is universal truth that is not hidden from man, then we can all know it rightly. Which gives us all hope, doesn't it now?

Prepare your own heart for the coming of judgment, that of God judging the eternal soul either to damnation or eternal life based on one criteria alone, that of belief in Jesus and His salvation offered, not in living as you deem true and right. By the way, that is the meaning of the verse you quoted.

Now once again I have to address you in open on the blog, leave your e-mail to dialogue from now on or e-mail me privately (preferably).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

Found the neatest website. Heard about it on a radio program yesterday so I looked it up today. It is called JellyTelly created by the same person who came up with Veggie Tales. And don't think it is just for children. The target age is 1st grade to 4th grade but the corniness of it is very entertaining for adults. Let's just say that G isn't in here watching it with me at all. Not that I wouldn't want her to be but she is watching noggin.

We came to my parents house today to watch a little TV and use a faster computer. Plus I wanted to check on things before they came home on Wed., 3 more sleeps, yea! They called yesterday while they had a break. G was very glad to talk to them. She has asked more than a million times once what are they doing, what does their hotel room look like, and when are we going to Israel to pick them up.

I will have her watch this soon because this would be the answer to the earth worshiping, good works religion noggin presents. And oh yes it does.

I have been pondering a statement Obama made regarding the money going to the schools. Did you know he is taking away 1700 scholarships from DC students who happen to be thriving in a choice program on scholarship because the teachers union doesn't want children to succeed more than they want power? During that speech Obama made a comment, something to the effect of wanting all children to have the same opportunities he has had while at the same time forgetting the most important opportunity he was given that he is denying to millions and that is the opportunity to LIVE. He is the child murdering president of the US. All in the almighty name of CHOICE, he is ripping the very lives away from some to give power to a few.

How did we as Americans end up in this mess? I don't mean just the financial mess because you can lay that down at the feet of democrats and the housing policies and freddie mac/fannie mae. When we try to raise the level of animals to that of people but all we do is bring down people to have less value than animals. We sacrifice our unborn on the altar of choice calling it a "right" but to what effect? The effect of bringing fast and furiously the destruction of humans through abuse of children and the aged (increased since abortion became legal), physician assisted suicide (direct result of abortion), drugs and alcohol to hide the pain of death all around us, and human experimentation on a "subgroup" of humans (embryonic stem cell research).

Oh what a brave new world we are entering that will suck the very value and life from us. We will be no more than animals who've no more rights than what the almighty government deems we have. Venezuela's crazy dictator, Chavez, already called obama to complete the crossing into full blown socialism. He understands where Obama leans.

By the way, you do realize that all Obama did in regards to stem cell research is open the door to cloning with the use of tax payer money or rather federal dollars. Bush only limited the scope of research which caused the private sector to look for other ways to research. Smart business does not throw its own money down with bad science. They use tax payer dollars or federal monies to throw after bad science. So when the funds were restricted the private sector threw good money down for good science and succeeded with adult stem cells where embryonic stem cells failed. Bush understood, Obama doesn't.

And another thing quit calling it federal money or federal spending. Guess what federal money is the same thing as taxes paid by US citizens. The federal government has no money to spend other than what it takes in taxes from the US citizens, and that is you and me. Governments don't have money and can't create new money without destabilizing everything causing extreme inflation (like what Nazi Germany did in the war). There is no money tree at the white house to pay for all the extra spending that the (un)stimulus plan has created.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Global Food Crisis

On March 11, 2009, several ministries and radio stations came together to declare that day Global Food Crisis Day to raise money for children in need. It is not to late to participate. Click on the widget to give. $13 helps a child for one month, $39 helps 3 children for one month and $78 helps 6 children for a month. I know there is an economic crisis in our country but please if you can find it in your heart to give and help those in much worse conditions than US.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess What We Did Today

We went to paint a piece of pottery then to the musuem to run off some energy! It was really fun. The pottery shop can be very expensive so we will not go very often, but I wanted G to try it and as I thought she loved it! She picked a car to paint and then I picked a coaster hot plate type thing. I found the penguin idea in a book they have just to give creative ideas. I think G wants to give it to Grandad for his birthday so SHHHHH don't tell him.

We had therapy today so that was why we were out and about. Not sure still what to think of the whole theraplay!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

more pics from our zoo adventure

This firs pic is of G's Lite Brite pic. She hasn't really played with it much because it takes too much concentration at one time.

This is one of the standard picture places at the zoo.

Pink flamingos with a few babies in the mix. Do you know which ones are the babies?

These last three loaded backwards and I am too lazy to fix them. G fell asleep in the car and I carried her into this chair. She slept another hour or so in the chair!

We have two bald eagles and two ravens together. Sometimes the ravens are playful. This day they were all in their tree.

Here is another shot of the polar bear. We have three, two females and a male. Two years ago one of the female bears went into heat while in the enclosure with the male. The male is a young bear and had no clue what to do so he pushed her off the cliff which broke her leg. It had to be pinned up. Then she was kept away for a long time and then only released with the other female. Once the three bears were able to be back together, the hurt bear was very nervous (understandably) around the male staying far far away and pacing back and forth watching him. We def. learned a bit about polar bears.

Catch- Up and Enough Said

First I forgot to do the drawing so will do so this afternoon, oops sorry. Can't video it though cause that camera is in Israel with my parents. 6 more sleeps y'all! Okay did the drawing and Kim is the winner. Out of 13 entries, thanks for playing. I will have the company contact you so get that Olan Mills picture ready of scooter pie!

Second, I spent the morning in G's class to help the teacher. You know, jobless=volunteer!! Boy it was enlightening and very stressful for G (strangely enough). So at nap I brought her home to nap here (not that she is napping here) and stay for the rest of the day. Ms. E is wonderful and very talented and totally amazing. She is extremely challenged by several children in there, though. One of the more challenging kid's moms accused Ms E of not being a good teacher in front of the class because she couldn't control them. One teacher to 15 kids most of them challenging particularly hers and she tells Ms E she isn' a good teacher? The director stood up for Ms E though and the mom also publicly apologized in a meeting to discuss it.

One child is obviously ADD/OD, one is extremely active, one is autistic, one is just a boy needing attention, and several are extremely dramatic girls. There are three or 4 girls who are pretty quiet and not much trouble at all though they all have their moments. G is one of the latter girls but not defined by me but to me by her teachers. And of course they are all 4 or 5, still babies trying to grow up. And no none of them have true diagnosis, but give them a year and they will, and I won't be surprised in the least! Kindergarten will not put up with the behaviors of some of these kids. They can't and won't.

But let's just say I am very tired after only being there about 4 hours. Can't imagine all day. The teachers don't make enough for what they put up with. And I am dangling prepositions all over the place!!

G came out of music time (just started today) with a gold star on her hand for good behavior but in tears. I couldn't figure out and she didn't know why she was crying. I guess the tension in the choir room was just too much (several kids cried). I felt so badly for her. I suppose she was trying to act so good while I was there that she had to cry. I wish I could say I doted all on her the whole time but that would be a huge lie. I couldn't. I was helping keep kids in order. It was fun and something I will do while I am not working but not every day and not all day.

Third, thanks anon for the apology (I do accept it), but a simple name in the comment doesn't appear quite as cowardly or mean as just an attack or observation without one (no need to sign into blogger but do sign a name). A private e-mail would have done the same thing without any public blog acknowledgement and would have allowed direct interaction with you. My e-mail is in my profile, easy poesy to get.

Also, your first comment stated as a fact that I posted pics of children without permission and without knowledge of parents which you actually do not know. The only kids posted without permission of parents or without direct permission of parents are my nieces and nephews. But coming out as an anon commenter lead me to believe that either you were a parent of a child whose pic I posted and then changed your mind about having it posted, or you were/are a relative who is being a relative in which case I would know you if you signed your name (and would have removed the pics).

Otherwise you have accused me of posting pics without permission and you wouldn't actually have had knowledge of that unless you have spoken to me about a particular child. (I assumed you were the relative and only one (or two) kids' pics would be at stake). Now children in large groups I didn't run around asking permission because generally speaking you wouldn't know the kids anyway or be able to identify them.

Also, using the "ellipse" as you did, you know the "......." leaves sort of a threatening meaning or as you intended a threatening implication as does the fast typing of the comment which leads to mis-spelled words. It seemed as if you were in such a hurry to post the comment/threat/insinuation(call it what you will) that you mis-spelled the words, not that it was simply an easy mistake that anyone could make. I often quickly post a comment that may have a misspelled word or three to get my point out quickly. I never post anon though even sometimes when asked to do so.

Obviously neither of us is perfect, so I don't expect perfection in comments; though, if you wish to make a factual statement or something that you think is factual (which to you might have just been an observation, wrong as it was, needing to be addressed) just sign your name or e-mail me privately. Interesting how you claim to have periodically read the blog but then choose to comment only on that one post in a negative way and then you came back to read other comments made after I addressed it.

I happen to agree about just getting permission or telling someone that the pic is being used on the blog, and I think most rational people would not mind nor would bloggers mind about not posting pics if it made people uncomfortable. The world has crazy folks in it, that is why I am being more careful with identifying info.

By the way, I have no way to address an anon comment except publicly, unless I have your e-mail and know you. If you wish to dialogue, e-mail me. Again my thought is you are a relative who has seen your kid on here but won't tell me outright to remove him, which I will be glad to do once you tell me. 'Cause like I said the only kids on here without direct permission are my nieces and nephews and even then my relatives know I blog and a few read it.

Here they are.

I forgot about the hair clip in my hair. I guess in my mind I thought I was okay to have a pic taken. And where exactly should my b*oo*bs be, surely not midway to my naval, ugh!

G is not smiling at all for who knows what reason. Not even in the alone pic.
She totally argued with me all through the zoo. Me: "G see the panda? He is sleeping."

G: "No he's not."

Me: "G see the other panda is here, not there (in the empty cage). That one is outside."

G: "No it's not! I can't see it."

G: "There is the daddy giraffe (pointing to the biggest), the mama and the grandma."

Me: "No baby, the daddy is over there, and that is a mama and that is a mama."

G: "NO That is the Daddy the biggest one!"

Me: totally seeing the apparatus needed for being a male, "No G, the daddy is over there."

G: "No, humph." (crossing arms)

Me: "You can see the grey pink flamingos right there."

G: totally looking right at them, "NO I CAAAANNN'TTTT."

At this point I just pick her up and carry her to the front of the zoo to leave! Everything I said she said the opposite! Even lunch, I ordered what she said but when it got there she changed her mind. UGH! I didn't mention that fun part about the zoo yesterday, heh.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday It Was Summer..

Today we live in Alaska! Well, not really but sort of. Oh, OKAY, you guys are so tough, what with wanting all that transparency and stuff. I am a conservative, not Obama, bwahahahahaha! Like he has so much transparency, NOT! It does not feel like Alaska for real, but it is cold and dreary today with the highs of 40s

Mom called this morning at 7amish, her time 2pmish. They are 7 hours ahead so they are heading to bed in a couple of hours. You should have seen G perk up!! It was great. They were on the way to Megiddo (sp?). 7 more sleeps til they come home.

So last night I was all moody and stuff esp after that anon comment that had spelling errors in it by the way! So I was thinking that I just need to cull people from my life and give everything up (as I do when I am moody, I over dramatize things), and I was thinking I would just give up coffee starting today (crazy I know). Now see how bad it was totally blaming my mood on my beloved coffee when any sane person can see it was that it was that mean comment? ;}

So now I sit here attempting to ward off the caffeine headache with only my second cup of coffee at 1:30ish in the afternoon. So far I am 20 oz of coffee behind for the day. I am not sure I have ever had a caffeine headache before today. Probably because I have never gone without it, heh.

Now for pics. One of the polar bears was so playful yesterday. It was really fun to see them. The "professional" zoo pics taken of us aren't the web site yet. I promise I will post it when I get it.
'sup, dawg.

"Now, this is all you gotta do, see, the key to get me out..."

We have matching dimples or rather mirror image dimples.