Monday, March 30, 2009

Beginning the Third Month...

of unemployment. This is coming into April and the next several months are high celebration months in the M family. G's bday is this month, Dad's bday, Mother's Day, referral day are all in May, then Father's Day in June, and last Gotcha/Family Day (or as G would say, "Fambly day) in July. Several bday parties will be involved not just Gs. We do have travel buddy bdays to celebrate. Swim lessons I hope. Maybe my mom will pay for them again. I really want G to be a strong swimmer. I hope to take her to the beach (lake) several times this summer.

For her bday we are using my parent's churches multipurpose room. We are focusing on creativity with bead jewelry. I have to get the girls names ready and make sure I have enough string for the whatevers they want to make. I am debating on using the hotdog machine the church has or getting pizza. Pizza is pretty filling and cheap so I may go for the pizza.

Of course I have discovered my most favorite store the Dollar Tree. Oh yes it is! There is so much there. If you are careful you can really get some great deals there. They have juice boxes and bagged chips, napkins and bday decorations. So this bday party may be pretty cheap or rather inexpensive.

Oh and of course cupcakes or cake, not decided there. I don't wish to be stuck with any extra cake or cupcakes so I just don't know yet. I don't typically serve ice cream cause from general observation at other parties, I just don't see this age kid eat both. They either do one or the other but not both. And ice cream makes a much larger mess!

I will probably bring cupcakes to her school on her actual bday to celebrate with her class. Makes it easier to not invite all the kids to the actual bday party. I just can't afford that many kids at a party. Plus it will be rather girly though for the very few boys (1) I will have more manly beads or encourage a mother's day gift.

I have some pre-lay off gifts for referral day, gotcha/family day and bday. Of course there is a huge sale at a framer's in big city that has two fish pics that G and I love. I can totally see decorating her bathroom in fish and the pics are on sale down to $20 each already framed. I want them both for $20. And while we were looking around in there the other day I came across a framed poster of the Princess and the Pauper (barbie) for $9.99. G wants it. I am not fond of barbie generally speaking but G has seen this video and she really wants the poster. I can't decide. Obviously I don't need to spend any money on what some would call frivolous stuff but you really can't beat the price of the poster!! She may forget about it soon enough and I may let her, heh.


Vicki said...

Hope the job prospect situation gets better. I've taught school for 167 years. Ha.
Just checking in every now and then to see what Miss G is up to.

I read where CHI is not having a picnic/reunion. I was hoping to go and meet up w/some travel mates from China.

Hang in there.
Vick and Em

The Byrd's Nest said...

Still praying for a job for you Bev.

I would go with pizza...but hot dogs are pretty cheap too but then you would have to buy chips.

James is the only child I have who likes cake.....and you are right none of the kids eat the ice cream and it is a mess. (That is the no-fun Mommy in me Year before last I just made brownies for Lottie's birthday and all her friends loved them!

JoAnn in NJ said...

Hi Bev,
So sorry you are going into Month 3 I am getting irritated already and it's only the 2nd week!

I think most kids like pizza and hot dogs do need something else.

Good luck and I will send positive thoughts your way!