Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch- Up and Enough Said

First I forgot to do the drawing so will do so this afternoon, oops sorry. Can't video it though cause that camera is in Israel with my parents. 6 more sleeps y'all! Okay did the drawing and Kim is the winner. Out of 13 entries, thanks for playing. I will have the company contact you so get that Olan Mills picture ready of scooter pie!

Second, I spent the morning in G's class to help the teacher. You know, jobless=volunteer!! Boy it was enlightening and very stressful for G (strangely enough). So at nap I brought her home to nap here (not that she is napping here) and stay for the rest of the day. Ms. E is wonderful and very talented and totally amazing. She is extremely challenged by several children in there, though. One of the more challenging kid's moms accused Ms E of not being a good teacher in front of the class because she couldn't control them. One teacher to 15 kids most of them challenging particularly hers and she tells Ms E she isn' a good teacher? The director stood up for Ms E though and the mom also publicly apologized in a meeting to discuss it.

One child is obviously ADD/OD, one is extremely active, one is autistic, one is just a boy needing attention, and several are extremely dramatic girls. There are three or 4 girls who are pretty quiet and not much trouble at all though they all have their moments. G is one of the latter girls but not defined by me but to me by her teachers. And of course they are all 4 or 5, still babies trying to grow up. And no none of them have true diagnosis, but give them a year and they will, and I won't be surprised in the least! Kindergarten will not put up with the behaviors of some of these kids. They can't and won't.

But let's just say I am very tired after only being there about 4 hours. Can't imagine all day. The teachers don't make enough for what they put up with. And I am dangling prepositions all over the place!!

G came out of music time (just started today) with a gold star on her hand for good behavior but in tears. I couldn't figure out and she didn't know why she was crying. I guess the tension in the choir room was just too much (several kids cried). I felt so badly for her. I suppose she was trying to act so good while I was there that she had to cry. I wish I could say I doted all on her the whole time but that would be a huge lie. I couldn't. I was helping keep kids in order. It was fun and something I will do while I am not working but not every day and not all day.

Third, thanks anon for the apology (I do accept it), but a simple name in the comment doesn't appear quite as cowardly or mean as just an attack or observation without one (no need to sign into blogger but do sign a name). A private e-mail would have done the same thing without any public blog acknowledgement and would have allowed direct interaction with you. My e-mail is in my profile, easy poesy to get.

Also, your first comment stated as a fact that I posted pics of children without permission and without knowledge of parents which you actually do not know. The only kids posted without permission of parents or without direct permission of parents are my nieces and nephews. But coming out as an anon commenter lead me to believe that either you were a parent of a child whose pic I posted and then changed your mind about having it posted, or you were/are a relative who is being a relative in which case I would know you if you signed your name (and would have removed the pics).

Otherwise you have accused me of posting pics without permission and you wouldn't actually have had knowledge of that unless you have spoken to me about a particular child. (I assumed you were the relative and only one (or two) kids' pics would be at stake). Now children in large groups I didn't run around asking permission because generally speaking you wouldn't know the kids anyway or be able to identify them.

Also, using the "ellipse" as you did, you know the "......." leaves sort of a threatening meaning or as you intended a threatening implication as does the fast typing of the comment which leads to mis-spelled words. It seemed as if you were in such a hurry to post the comment/threat/insinuation(call it what you will) that you mis-spelled the words, not that it was simply an easy mistake that anyone could make. I often quickly post a comment that may have a misspelled word or three to get my point out quickly. I never post anon though even sometimes when asked to do so.

Obviously neither of us is perfect, so I don't expect perfection in comments; though, if you wish to make a factual statement or something that you think is factual (which to you might have just been an observation, wrong as it was, needing to be addressed) just sign your name or e-mail me privately. Interesting how you claim to have periodically read the blog but then choose to comment only on that one post in a negative way and then you came back to read other comments made after I addressed it.

I happen to agree about just getting permission or telling someone that the pic is being used on the blog, and I think most rational people would not mind nor would bloggers mind about not posting pics if it made people uncomfortable. The world has crazy folks in it, that is why I am being more careful with identifying info.

By the way, I have no way to address an anon comment except publicly, unless I have your e-mail and know you. If you wish to dialogue, e-mail me. Again my thought is you are a relative who has seen your kid on here but won't tell me outright to remove him, which I will be glad to do once you tell me. 'Cause like I said the only kids on here without direct permission are my nieces and nephews and even then my relatives know I blog and a few read it.


Kim said...

WOOHHOOOOO! I never win! :)

Vivian M said...

Congrats to the winner! And isn't volunteering fun? lol. I volunteer every other week in Kerri's classroom, except there are no tears and Kerri loves it. Then again, the kids in her class all know each other by now and have been to several birthday parties, so they are all friends.