Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Anon

You will need to privately email me the pictures or dates where I have posted pics that you would have me remove from this blog. I will be glad to remove or cover any face if you would like me to but you need to tell me of which child you are speaking. I am sure you will not as I believe I know who you are and you won't speak up to admit you still read.

Posting as Anon is always a cowardly thing to do no matter who you are. If you are serious about the lawsuit then name yourself! Everyone should have a chance to make things right; wouldn't you agree? If you are giving a friendly notice then don't post as anon.

I have started making a more concerted effort to hide faces of kids or at least not name children who are pictured in a group or specifically with G. I typically don't have any other kids pics unless they are with my parents or at my parents house i.e. relatives.

It is also rude to take photos from someone's blog without permission, but that has happened to me and to others I have known. Again, you let me know which dates or which child ('cause apparently you know who you are talking about) and I will be glad to oblige and remove them.


Regina said...

I hate it when people try to cause trouble anonymously. When they are found out they usually try to say that they are just misunderstood.
My husband is the President of our Home Owners Association and we get phone calls all the time from people complaining about their neighbor. But they are too cowardly to leave a name and number or address so he can follow up because they know that they are just being nasty.
I have also become very careful about what I put on my blog as not to upset anyone. You do a great job with your blog and I enjoy following it.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Why are people so uptight and rude? I don't remember you ever posting pics of anyone but you and G and your parents??? Very sad....

laurel said...

You are kidding me right? What in the heck is this world coming too?

laurel said...

Okay...hold on. One more comment. I haven't even seen any pics with other people in them. Is Anon seeing something different?

Regina said...

I had to go back quite a way to see pics with some other children in them. But even those the children are either cut off or to far back that you can't really see them clearly.
Some people need to get a life. If they had been a friend offering a simple warning to be careful they would have not done it anonymously.

Mama Duck said...

People are nuts, nuts, nuts...why not just say who you are and then be done with it?

Anonymous said...

In support of anonymous, I have to agree that I do not like when friends take pictures and put them up on blogs, facebook, whatever - without asking me. Sometimes I am almost embarrassed to have to ask them, please don't do it, because not everyone "gets" it. Maybe it's a friend or acquaintance who isn't comfortable in the friendship enough to say, "Hey, I really would prefer if..."
I am a teacher, and it is true that any time I take a photo/video of a student, legally and understandable, I must make sure I have a release on file.

RamblingMother said...

Anon, I agree that pics shouldn't be used without permission or knowledge, generally speaking. I try not to post pics like that and if I do I don't identify the subjects other than as friends or by subject's initials. I also don't take pics specifically to put on the blog. I take way more pics than end up here.

It would be difficult to find recent photos of other kids on this blog. And I can't rectify the situation without knowing who is requesting removal and what pics to remove.

Also, if it was a true friend who was concerned for me, the issue wouldn't be written as a threat of a lawsuit, and it would be at least signed by someone I know. Or even better e-mail me privately tell me what pic under what date and I will remove it.

Do you know how much stuff I leave out of this blog?!? I don't have time or space to add pics of people who would not wish to be there! I have very few pics of other people's kids comparatively anyway.