Monday, March 16, 2009

A Funny Story

So you see this "puzzle" contraption? Kids of a certain height which would also typically mean a certain age and maturity level can climb through this serious of caged what looks like puzzle pieces. So Friday while we were there, G got up in there as she has done on several previous visits.

This time I broke the written rule and went backwards (up stairs) to the top where the kids are supposed to come out to see G finish the climb. Well, on the stairs was a dad who had his two little kids. One kid was still in diapers. You see where I am going with this? Let me just say, adults can't get in this contraption and neither can some tweeners. Amazing isn't it? So this dad lets his old enough daughter climb through it and encourages not old enough son to go too. Not old enough son was not speaking and walking but some what unsteady.

So G and I leave this area returning to the ground level and other interesting artifacts only to hear a blood curdling scream then many many many tears. Well, old enough daughter and not old enough son got pretty far in the contraption then couldn't see how to get out. I am sure dad was well meaning in his encouragement but kids got stuck. Not old enough son wouldn't calm down long enough to follow old enough big sis nor could he hear his dad's instruction.

Everything turned out well in the end because I saw all of them later on ground level. I told G that was why she couldn't go up until she was tall enough and old enough to not get scared and stuck. It was a "just shake your head and move on" kind of moment.

This is a pick from the ground to show how tall it is. Clearly dad was not a rule follower, heh.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that is one heck of a play structure.

My son is just about 2 and a pretty good climber, but I don't think I could let him go in there. My little guy isn't much of a rule follower yet.

Thanks for stopping by.

Donna said...

Having one of my girls get stuck in a huge play structure was one of my fears, even when they were tall enough. Fortunately it never happened.

Mama Duck said...

You're right--it was a "shake your head and move on" type of moment. Yikes!

Vivian M said...

Kerri will climb to the top and then remember she is afraid of heights and have a meltdown, at which point hubby has to squeeze his big frame into tiny crevices and get to the top to rescue Kerri and then he remembers he is claustrophobic, at which point I call 911 for help if I can't talk them both down because there is no way I am squeezing my even bigger tush into those tunnels!