Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interview Update

Well I don't think it went well but we shall see. One interviewee left while I was waiting and they were not dressed in a suit which I was but she may have interviewed better. Who knows. They are interviewing the rest of this week and hope to have someone in place mid-April. I just didn't walk away with a good sense about it.

I will keep trying. A little disappointed but at least I know that resume can get me interviews! I wish I had it the whole time. Tomorrow grammie and grandad come home. We are meeting them at the airport but they don't know that. They are asleep now waiting for the alarm to tell them it is time to leave. Pray for traveling mercies for them!

We also have our theraplay appt in the afternoon so we will already be in big city to go to the airport. I was going to go to the zoo in the morning but the more I thought about that the less appealing it became staying in big city all day. So def won't do that.

I will be volunteering at G's school again in her class. One little boy was sent home today because he was just plain wild. I tell you he is ADD or ADHD and ODD. His grandma came to get him shortly after I dropped G off this morning. He had been running circles in the sanctuary, ha! I hope we have a good day tomorrow.


Vivian M said...

Still crosing my fingers and hoping you get it! Sometimes you never know.

I am so excited for your parents, hope they had a wonderful trip and lots of pictures and stories to share with you both!

Heather BT said...

Prayers for good job hunting
Heather BT

Super Mommy said...

I've walked out of interviews before thinking it didn't go well enough and still got the job! Ya never know!

Praying for your parents safe return. I know you and G will be so glad to see them (and they you two).

What is ODD??

Anonymous said...

I sure hope something right comes up for you very soon!

Alex the Girl said...

Visiting from SiTS, and wishing you luck on your interview.

Maybe the boy was just BAD?

Christy said...

I will fully keep my fingers crossed and say a few prayers as well about the job interview. I pray it pans out but if not-- you know He has it under control.

Have fun in Gs class tomorrow. Hope the little boy behaves-- hay a future school psych client!!

Chrsity :)

AZMom said...

Any advice you can give on what you did to your resume would be appreciated. Hubby is getting random calls here and there but nothing solid and no real life interviews....

Hang in there..I hope you find something soon.