Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's Talk Injustice

Here is the article that makes this US administration more hypocritical and unjust than any in the past except for maybe Carter's administration and that was just stupid. A $1.01 tax hike on cigarettes? Come on? Are you serious? Yea, smoking is really bad for you and second hand smoke isn't good either. And yes when drivers are lighting cigarettes they can run into you by missing a four way stop (I know personally) but alcohol kills more people, damages more families, harms more children than cigarettes. One alcoholic beverage impairs the driving ability of every person to some extent. Why are we not taxing alcohol? Is it the fashionable drug of choice? Leave the smoker's alone.

Here is the next thing idiot Obama, when you come to depend on the $1.01 tax hike and it backfires, meaning people quit smoking or figure out another way to get cigs without paying it, then you have a decrease in tax collection and can't fund the way too far into personal lives child health care program that you are planning. Then what? You tax everyone else. And what about the promise made in the 8 years of campaigning that only the rich will see a tax hike? Guess what? Average everyday joes smoke. This is going to hit poor families hard.

And lest you my dear reader think I am upset because I will have to pay this tax, never fear, I don't smoke. But I also don't drink (2 glasses champagne in 4 years, not a teetotaler but not classified as a drinker) nor do I chew or go with boys who do! I think smoking is a filthy habit but it is less harmful generally speaking than alcohol. Typically you don't see families break up over cigarettes but you do over alcohol.

I guess now that Obama is the pres he can afford this tax hike on his own filthy smoking habit so why not be fair and jack up other's too?

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