Thursday, March 12, 2009

more pics from our zoo adventure

This firs pic is of G's Lite Brite pic. She hasn't really played with it much because it takes too much concentration at one time.

This is one of the standard picture places at the zoo.

Pink flamingos with a few babies in the mix. Do you know which ones are the babies?

These last three loaded backwards and I am too lazy to fix them. G fell asleep in the car and I carried her into this chair. She slept another hour or so in the chair!

We have two bald eagles and two ravens together. Sometimes the ravens are playful. This day they were all in their tree.

Here is another shot of the polar bear. We have three, two females and a male. Two years ago one of the female bears went into heat while in the enclosure with the male. The male is a young bear and had no clue what to do so he pushed her off the cliff which broke her leg. It had to be pinned up. Then she was kept away for a long time and then only released with the other female. Once the three bears were able to be back together, the hurt bear was very nervous (understandably) around the male staying far far away and pacing back and forth watching him. We def. learned a bit about polar bears.


a little leprechaun said...

Cute pics! Catchin' up on some posts. Hope everything is ok. Have a wonderful weekend!


Super Mommy said...

I've said it before and will say it again - you have the best zoo ever! I'd be there a lot too if we had polar bears and pandas.

Kristy said...

That Polar Bear is incredible!!! And I love going to the zoo, it is just so hot here most of the time, the animals dont like to come out and play. I also remember when my cousin got her Lite Brite, we had so much fun and I was so jealous, but then again she was soooo jealous of my Lemon Twist!!!

Love, Kristy

Christy said...

Fun trip!! I am actually heading to the zoo with my adoption friends on monday and I am so looking forward to it becuase mia has not been to a zoo ever I think. It looks like G had a great time!!

Christy :)

Dawn said...

I loved my "Lite Brite" when I was a kid!! I am going to try to find one for Courtney Mei right now!!!!!

Vivian M said...

Great pics! Have a great weekend!