Saturday, March 07, 2009

Random Ramblings

Don't forget the giveaway 1 free 16X20 poster.

First, I think it is darn funny that the massive global warming protest where idiot pelosi was supposed to speak in DC, and protesters were supposed to shut DC down this past week was SNOWED March!! HA HA HA!

Second, have you guys thought about the stock market? Well if you watch it, though painful as it is, it is reacting to the obama policies of tax and spend. Yep, the market knows that just like FDR causing the recession to last 9 years longer because of the New Deal, obama's plan will throw us much deeper and longer into recession and honestly the market wishes to sleep through it, ie the bear market. I would like to sleep through it all too 'cept I can't.

Third, G had a rough morning yesterday so I sat with her and held her to me then I put Simon the cat up between us. She likes to have Simon sit with us. She looked at me and said, "I was last. Who did you adopt first mama?" So what she means is first it was me, then abigail then Clementine and then Simon. She is all about who is older and who came first. But the adoption of animals flies all over me!! The point of that was to give animal value in the eyes of their owners and stop animal abuse, but what I personally think it did was bring human adoptees down to level of pets and ownership/possessions. I don't like it and I never use it.

So I held her face in my hand and said, "I adopted you first. I hope to adopt a sister next someday. I was given the animals, but I do not adopt animals. I adopted you, and you are my precious daughter. I am your third mother but you are my first daughter" Then we moved on to another topic.

Fourth, I hear this, "Mama?...I saw Simon walk like a penguin." Now nothing specifically is wrong with this statement except that G tells me this now often and she only saw it once. She also likes to say it as I am dozing into sleep. Silly girl!!

Fifth, I applied for a job with a cereal company where there could be a car and a decent salary and all in my county. The problem is some night and Saturday work. If G can come with me on the outings then it may not be terrible but if I have to have babysitters I may not be able to do it. I like the cereals but they aren't the ones I buy though I would if I worked for them!!

Sixth, parents are leaving at 8:30 am Monday. G and I will see them off. Pray for G and safety for them. I recommended grammie and grandad to take one of G's carebears with them. G offered painter bear to go. If my parents were fun parents they would do it and make if a fun thing but they are more reserved and that is fine. I wish they would take it and pretend it is G for pictures and all. I can't wait until they get back with their pics so I can make a book for them!!

Last, my mom said, "You do NOT look anything like me!" in response to the "Have You Seen My Mother?" post. I am not sure whether to be offended or what! My daddy doesn't claim me either, heh. I seem to be the child on the outside. I think I will be able to identify with G as she grows up! PS, I look like both sides of my family but neither side can see it as theirs.


Heather BT said...

I look like both my parents too, but the person I look most like is my brother. He's three years older but we are mistaken for twins. Sigh.
Have a good one, good luck in the job search.
Heather BT

cheepette8 said...

We all look alike on my dad's side of the family. He has very strong genes. I'm still praying for you and your job situation. I hope you get one soon. My dad got laid off as well and it stinks.

Vivian M said...

Lots of updates!
As for the market, now is the time to invest long term and to buy a home. Too bad most people don;t have a job or the credit to do that.
As for the trip, can your parents use Skype? That way they and G can talk and see each other for free on the computer while they are away. I'll be praying.
Thanks for the reminder of the giveaway!
Good luck with the job! And I hope it works out so you don't need a baby sitter.

Anonymous said...

In my job, I have to go in to work at night occasionally, and have to take a one week trip to Atlanta about once a year (maybe twice). It has definitely been a strain, but I remind myself daily to be thankful that I have a job at all. I'd rather live with the stress of finding someone to watch her at night when I have to go in than the stress of not having any money. So many of my former co-workers at my old employer are calling me begging me to help them find a job at my company, and we just aren't hiring. No one is around here. If you can get the job I say go with it and trust that God will help you with the details.

When I was in high school I had a job babysitting the son of a woman who was a manager at McDonalds. She often had to open, which meant she had to be there at 4am, or close, which meant coming home at 11pm. So I would just sleep overnight at her house several nights a week. She put an ad in our church bulletin looking for a sitter. You might try that, hopefully that way you could find someone that you know you can trust to watch G.

Elizabeth J.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm spitting image of my dad, not really sure about bio mom so I'll give it all to my dad :). Good luck with job!

Best wishes with your parents on their trip, can't wait to see the pictures.

AZMom said...

I look more like my grandmother than I do my parents. Bug has been saying lately that we don't look alike but we like some of the same things, do somee of the same things and say some of the same things. I think it's her way of processing things at this age.

I hope the job comes through for you and you can take G with you and make it all work!!!

And yes, I agree with you with regards to the stock market and obama. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.