Monday, March 02, 2009

Request denied, abortionist to stand trial

"Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller will have his day in court.

"After weeks of hearings and deliberations, a Wichita judge has decided that Tiller will stand trial on 19 misdemeanor charges of doing illegal late-term abortions. That word came on Wednesday when Sedgwick County Judge Clark Owens denied a defense request to dismiss charges against the abortionist or throw out evidence because of the conduct of former prosecutor Phill Kline.
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"Operation Rescue's Troy Newman reacts to the news. 'Of course we're elated because we've been saying for years at Operation Rescue that Mr. Tiller has been violating the law,' says the pro-life leader. 'He's been killing babies illegally -- as if you could kill a baby legally; but he is violating state statutes and he ought to suffer the stiffest penalty possible for that crime.'

"According to Newman, Tiller could face a jail term and fines if convicted. 'It is altogether probable that he will lose his medical license,' he adds, 'and once and for all this heinous abortion clinic will be closed forever.'"

1 Victory for the Pro-Life cause. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing this man to trial!

George Tiller has thwarted the will of the people of Kansas and gotten away with it for years protected by a pro-death pro-abortion govenor and attorney general. Now due to very hard work and years of documentation, Tiller finally will be brought to trial.

Oh and AR is doing another great thing by stopping partial birth abortions.


Beckyb said...

Now that is something to be proud of - for our country!!! We'll take it!

Kristy said...

I will second that Beckyb!!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The thought of abortion, any of it, just makes my heart ache. Late term is so completely... ah, there are no words. No words at all.