Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Pics and Video as well as Neighbor Update

pics of the tree in my yard

G and Grandad on the sled.

G and one of her 3 snowmen.

Sunshine through the pines. A video of G making snow angels.So neighbor is in big city hospital. He broke several bones in his leg. He has pins in the two below his knee. He is on a lot of happy medicine. The doc doesn't think they will be able to do surgery because of his medicines and his illnesses. Weeks of recovery, WEEKS of recovery, and he fell in my yard which means my homeowners is responsible. He was coming over to brush the snow off my car windows even though I didn't ask and I was going to do it myself. I thought the snow (cause that was what it was, not ice) would fall off as soon as I started driving.
I feel so badly about this. I don't think he is the type to sue, but I hate that the homeowners will have to pay since it will cause it to go up and my parents pay it not me. I didn't even know my neighbor was outside, didn't even hear him until I got out to scrape my windows after he fell. I had no reason to think he was outside.
Anyway, one of my very nosey neighbors managed to break all the HIPAA rules and locate his room number and all even his being transferred from small town hospital to big city hospital. So much for HIPAA, heh.

Grandad taking G for a nap. This is an every Sunday thing or every pre-nap ritual at my parents house. Aren't they a pair?


Heather BT said...

What a weird thing to have happen. Thank heavens you didn't drive over him too! that would have just been the corker to an odd occurance.
Heather BT

Super Mommy said...

Oh my what a cute video of your dad and G!!

Hope your neighbor does the right thing.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad it worked out ok!

Christy said...

That is so cute the hanging upsidedown with your dad. That is so somehing my dad would do-- physical and fun!!

I love your sunday rituals!!

Kristi said...

Wasn't the snow beautiful? Loved the video!

fricke92 said...

Great pictures. Bummer about your neighbor. I agree, I hope he does the right thing. People are way too sue-happy these days.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well, this is EXACTLY what you needed...huh???

Great pictures of Glenys and what a sweet video.

Kim said...

Surely a man nice enough to help you out in the snow won't be the type to sue.

AZMom said...

Great snow pics! That sux about your neighbor!! I hate that your homeowners will have to pay too! Is there a stupid neighbor clause?

Vivian M said...

I hope your neighbor gets well soon and that he does not sue. Like you really needed to worry about one more thing! Take care of yourself and don't let the neck/shoulder muscles start to tense up again, ok?
And Kerri would LOVE an upside down ride with your Dad, lol!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I love your snow pictures...the one of the sun is the trees is great! I'm really sorry about what happened to your neighbor. I hope everything turns out okay for both of you.