Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday News Items with Commentary

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama 'ignorant'- Umm, yea, well, Pot Meet Kettle

Lawmakers officially kill church finance bill "Members of a Connecticut legislative committee are officially killing a controversial bill that would have changed how Roman Catholic parish finances are handled.
"The committee leaders also held a two-hour meeting to discuss how the bill first came to light."-
The deal is the the state government shouldn't be telling a church of any denomination how to handle finances. You know that whole mis-quoted "Separation of Church and State" comment? Yea, well, it works both ways! State and federal governments should stay out of church business.

Napolitano's absence benefits AZ pro-lifers- Way to go Arizona!! Two very important pro-life bills passed one for informed consent (who doesn't want women to know fully what they are doing by having an abortion? oh yea pro-abortionists) and the second is for enforcement for the ban on partial birth abortion. All done because the pro-death governor Napolitano is now working directly for Obama in Homeland Security. Now don't you all feel safer?

STDs a growing trend among America's youth- Comprehensive sex ed would lie at the base of this CDC report that shows STDs are getting worse not better. Abstinence education would not only teach children not to have sex but give them reasons and self respect. It isn't a "just don't do it" or "just say no," but bringing kids up to a higher standard instead of saying, "Well you are going to do it anyway so here is how to do it safely."

Guess what, kids know the how to do it, now they need the reasons not to do it and building self respect is one of the best ways. Yea I heard that abstinence fails well so does comprehensive sex ed and on a much greater scale.

That is it for now because my G needs some mama lovin'.

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