Sunday, March 01, 2009

Well, This Is a Day I Never Wish to Repeat

So, we had more snow come last night that filled in the tracks from yesterday. It is a bright sunny day. I figured church would be called off, I didn't bother to actually find out as my mother's church was cancelled. I knew we needed to get out to my mom's so G could play in the stuff without it melting. So at 8:30ish we were up and eating breakfast, getting ready and out the door around 9:30ish.

I had put G in the car and started it. Surprisingly the car wasn't cold inside and really without the wind it wasn't bad. Then I go in to get our gear, ie, change of clothes, coffee, thermos, you know the drill, and come back to the car. The right side of the car was completely covered in snow, not ice, so I thought it might just blow off when I drove. I started to back out of the drive way and the snow stayed on blocking my view. The window wouldn't roll down either. So I stopped, leaving the car running, music playing, heat on and G happily working on something in her car seat. I get the ice scraper and head out to the right side of the car.

I see nothing but hear, "Help." Looking in the direction of the noise, I see my neighbor in my yard on his side. I run over to him, and he says he broke his leg. So I run back to the car and get the phone to call 911. I do not tell G anything because she is fine so far. I run back to neighbor, he gives me his cell phone and I start calling his ex-wife (don't ask, it is weird) and his daughter (left message).

He tells me his 15 year old grandson is still sleeping inside and not to bother him. So anyway, the ambulance gets there, a dad of one of my high school friends shows up (always to emergencies), a fire truck shows up and another vehicle with another rescue person. Before the fire truck gets there, but after the ambulance is there I go to scrap the snow off my car. Now G couldn't see what was going on because of the snow, and honestly I thought she was okay. I was way more concerned with my neighbor at this point. But because I was truly just standing around I decided to get the snow off my own windows. I open my car door and hear hysterical crying mixed with SCC CD.

G was flipping out. My heart dropped. So I got her out of the car and walked with her back to the neighbor still in the yard with the ambulance folks. Then my across the street neighbor comes running out as all she saw was an ambulance and me carrying G towards it. So when she got there she realized it was my neighbor and not G.

She ended up taking G to her house to play while I tried to tend to things there. Neighbor's ex-wife called and woke up grandson but had not yet shown up. I went in neighbor's house and grandson and I gathered all the medicines neighbor takes to give to the ambulance driver (neighbor has Lyme's disease and other problems). My neighbor was in so much pain and was laying on the leg he broke so they had to move him to get the leg immobilized. As his grandson said in regards to seeing his grandad taken away in an ambulance, "It's just so random."

Another female neighbor came out and asked the 15 year old grandson if he wanted to ride with his grandad in the ambulance and grandson said, "It's too early for that." I can't blame grandson. The worst thing that will happen is grandad will have surgery to have a pin put in. Neighbor didn't want grandson to go with or even know about it yet. But I think lady neighbor was a bit put off by the grandson's comment. Heck he is 15. I so don't blame him. It was making me sick to hear neighbor describe his break, ugh. Neighbor is going to be okay!

So after the ambulance left I gathered G back up and we finally got to the grandparents. I hear them now (I have personally had enough snow) squealing as G throws snow balls at grammie. That is a game grandad taught her, heh!


Super Mommy said...

Oh my - what a morning! Hoping your neighbor has a quick recovery.

mommytoalot said...

Oh my goodness, what a morning indeed! Glad the neigbhour is going to be ok. I think the grandson really should have went with him, i would hope that my son would..

amy said...

Thats way too much for one morning

a little leprechaun said...

Too much excitement that early!! Luckily you heard him!!

Fun pics from the zoo! And love the sassy new do!!

Hope Neighbor is better soon and back on his feet!!

Have a terrific Monday!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope he recovers quickly..

Donna said...

Man, what a day! Your neighbor was lucky you were there!

Vivian M said...

Oh no! I am so glad you got out and heard him, he could have been laying in the snow for hours!
What a way to start your day. Hope G is feeling better and enjoying the snow!