Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday It Was Summer..

Today we live in Alaska! Well, not really but sort of. Oh, OKAY, you guys are so tough, what with wanting all that transparency and stuff. I am a conservative, not Obama, bwahahahahaha! Like he has so much transparency, NOT! It does not feel like Alaska for real, but it is cold and dreary today with the highs of 40s

Mom called this morning at 7amish, her time 2pmish. They are 7 hours ahead so they are heading to bed in a couple of hours. You should have seen G perk up!! It was great. They were on the way to Megiddo (sp?). 7 more sleeps til they come home.

So last night I was all moody and stuff esp after that anon comment that had spelling errors in it by the way! So I was thinking that I just need to cull people from my life and give everything up (as I do when I am moody, I over dramatize things), and I was thinking I would just give up coffee starting today (crazy I know). Now see how bad it was totally blaming my mood on my beloved coffee when any sane person can see it was that it was that mean comment? ;}

So now I sit here attempting to ward off the caffeine headache with only my second cup of coffee at 1:30ish in the afternoon. So far I am 20 oz of coffee behind for the day. I am not sure I have ever had a caffeine headache before today. Probably because I have never gone without it, heh.

Now for pics. One of the polar bears was so playful yesterday. It was really fun to see them. The "professional" zoo pics taken of us aren't the web site yet. I promise I will post it when I get it.
'sup, dawg.

"Now, this is all you gotta do, see, the key to get me out..."

We have matching dimples or rather mirror image dimples.


Donna said...

Adorable pictures. That polar bear seems to have a thing for G.

Vivian M said...

Love the matching dimples! And that polar bear is gorgeous. What an amazing opportunity to see them close up.
And maybe you are umm cranky because you gave up coffee? Just a thought....

Marla said...

Cute pictures.

Dang, I missed the comment! What the heck, why not leave a name? People can be so.......

Speaking of coffee, I had a 16oz cup today and boy did my coworkers know it! I haven't had it in a long while and if you not having it did the opposite of me, oh my, have a cup or two. :o)

Sturgmom said...

I'm totally and completely jealous that you have POLAR BEARS at your zoo!! My boys would literally pee themselves with excitement at seeing a real live polar bear. I'm certain.

Kim said...

Those are great pictures!

(ok I am only posting this because I don't want you to give up one should have to give up sweet sweet coffee)

Wouldn't it be easier to go "ttthhhpppttt to you anon!" she/he with poor grammar skills and lacking the intelligence to get a blogger ID - I don't give a flip what you think, then just block anon comments! :)

Anonymous said...

I really wasn't going to respond again but after all the other comments, both positive and negative, I feel as though I need to address it again. First, I posted anonymously for various reasons-the first and foremost being that I don't have a blogger user name and password and it was easier to just click on the "anonymous" button. Secondly, I didn't seek out pictures looking to attack you. I have periodically read your site and noticed that there were a few pictures with other children in it. I knew that this was a potential lawsuit simply because of the profession I am in. I don't feel as though I "threatened" you; however, if you took it that way then I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Lastly, and to be quite honest, I posted anonymously simply because I don't know you and you don't know me; therefore, some random username would mean nothing to you. But if would make you feel less "attacked," if I ever choose to comment again, I will be sure to create an account so you and your daily readers will feel as though I am not a "coward, mean,etc." I hope this clears things up and you will be able to be in a better mood. And, I apologize for the misspelled words. I do sometimes make typographical errors and I hope you can overlook any that I may have missed when proofing this comment.