Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Any One Going To Sea World Orlando Any Time Soon?

Get your "front of the line" pass to Manta, a new wild and crazy ride at Sea World in Orlando. The Manta will open May 22, 2009, and you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to be first in line. It is a water ride that gives you the experience of being that giant ray. There are six activities to complete to win your front of the line pass.

If you complete two of the activities you could win a photo of your ride on the Manta. The activities are as simple as following on Twitter. You can use your Twitter account to log in and play the games or sign up for your own Ride the Flying Ray account. You can play the Manta quiz, submit your picture wearing a Manta mask, submit a photo displaying "I heart Manta" in a creative way to Flickr, submit a video demonstrating your excitement for Manta to YouTube, fill your row by sending three of your friends a referral code for them to get their own pass, or like I said follow on Twitter and tweet about Manta.

If in this economic downturn you can afford to go to Sea World you should most certainly try to get free tickets to the newest most exciting ride there! Now that makes good fiscal cents sense!


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