Friday, April 17, 2009

Before Kindergarten

From Yahoo lists via Lifenut via Tongginator the 100 things to do before kindergarten. Check out what we have accomplished in just almost 4 years!!

1. Go to the zoo--All the time. We used to see the pandas first and G called them "zoo-ahs" for the longest time.

2. Visit a farm-- not a farm per se but her grandad's garden and a rodeo once, so she has seen the farm animals plus she has been to the farm area at the zoo and to a petting farm type thing at carnivals.

3. Go on a hike-- she goes to the "wilderness" with her grandad a lot which I will consider a hike

4. Play with kittens or puppies-- yep ours and others.

5. Catch a frog-- if she didn't catch it herself her grandad did for her.

6. Make a gigantic mess-- what kid doesn't?

7. Help clean up a gigantic mess-- mostly

8. Master the monkey-bars-- nope probably within the next few years.

9. Swing high up into the sky all by themselves-- yes finally learned the art of pumping on the swing.

10. Try ice-skating-- nope not really a rink around here.

11. Go sledding-- oh yes with Grandad three times in a year which is incredible considering where we live.

12. Make a snow-man-- at least 5 see number 11

13. Blow bubbles-- yep

14. Plant seeds and watch them grow-- yes most recently spinach, marigolds, carrots, gladiola bulbs and sunflowers (haven't come up yet)

15. Have a pillow fight-- with cousins.

16. Jump on a big bed-- yes and earned a big goose egg at her grandparents with her cousins watching.

17. Jump on a trampoline or in a bounce house-- both and both hers

18. Hang out in a tent-- since this isn't specifying outside she has two tents inside and she hangs out in both of them sometimes with me and sometimes even with her grammie and all her carebears.

19. Spend days at the beach-- if you consider a man made beach at a lake we did last summer and plan to this summer.

20. Build sandcastles-- tried with different degrees of success.

21. Go fishing-- her grandad took her and he has the picture proof not digital

22. Go out on a boat-- we did this in China on the Li River cruise

23. Play with blocks and puzzles-- loves loves LURVES her some puzzles. builds with blocks and legos.

24. Read the classic picture books-- yes

25. Read a classic chapter book-- tried, lacks attention but wants to finish right away.

26. Check out library books with their own library card-- no we buy books but we go read books at the library often.

27. Get a passport-- she has her Chinese one and mine expired so we are both due one.

28. Carve a pumpkin-- um, no due to my own sensory issues. Unless she did it with the grandparents and my memory is blocking it.

29. Hold a newborn baby (to see how much they've grown)-- can't remember if she has been around many babies, maybe at school.

30. Love a special doll or stuffed animal-- her carebears but she has a blankie (now two) that go everywhere with her unless they are sick or digging for worms to eat. Click link for a picture.

31. Bake cookies and cakes-- no cakes we don't eat them but cookies yes.

32. Help plan their own birthday party-- Oh yes last year's princess picnic and this year's heart cake that she insists has a blue car on it though she didn't want a boy cake and it has no blue car on it.

33. Go to the circus-- closest is Chinese acrobats

34. Go to a museum on a quiet weekday-- children's museum today, just a handful of cars there.

35. Play hide-and-seek-- yep more than I like too.

36. Play a board game-- current faves- checkers, chutes and ladders and candy land.

37. Do nothing whatsoever all day-- we call those pajama days. but she is still pretty active.

38. Try a sport-- not organized but she can make a basket and dribble a basket ball while walking up and down a full sized court.

39. Watch a sporting event-- rodeo- going again on Saturday.

40. Learn to swim-- took lessons last summer and will again this summer

41. Be tickled in hysterics-- oh yes, a fave game.

42. Paint and draw as much as desired-- um yes and I have drawers of "arc work" around plus much on the walls.

43. Have the use of scissors and glue-- like an expert with one hair cutting incident (so far)

44. Display artworks and other creations around the house-- currently displaying 12 or more lanterns in our livingroom.

45. Learn to use a camera (and keep an album of the results!)-- yes her little fisher price camera. some photos are in a book but not many. Here are two of her fav. subjects to take.

46. Play with clay-- yes

47. Pick flowers-- yes for her teacher and her grammie

48. Climb a tree-- actually yes in her grandad's front yard with his help.

49. Gaze at the moon and stars-- most nights it is out. G claims the moon as hers if we see it so no one else gets it, and it comes home with us.

50. Toast marshmallows-- yes but she doesn't like them toasted. she calls them "washmellows"

51. Learn to eat an ice-cream cone-- not sure I think so, def popsicles

52. Watch a sunset-- sort of, too impatient

53. Learn to write their own names--def

54. Learn their addresses and telephone numbers-- yes this past summer/fall via a song

55. Learn their parents' full names-- yes

56. Set the table-- yes

57. Clear the table-- yes

58. Help wash the dishes-- yes

59. Learn to say their pleases and thank yous and excuse mes-- yes and working on the consistency of it.

60. Watch fireworks-- actually she fell asleep (trauma) at the first pop.

61. Go to the ballet or theater or a puppet show-- puppet show at church. no ballet but a dance recital once does that count? She was mesmerized.

62. Put on a ballet or play or puppet show at home-- no

63. Face paint-- yes

64. Dress up in costumes at will-- no she doesn't play dress up.

65. Learn rhymes and poems and songs by heart-- yes and click for videos of her saying the plede of allegience.

66. Have a dance party-- with mama

67. Enjoy friends at preschool and at the park-- oh yes.

68. Invite friends over to play-- yes

69. Get to know grandparents-- oh yes

70. Play with cousins-- at christmas

71. Become attached to a wonderful preschool teacher and/or babysitter-- ms e.

72. Learn the name of our president-- sadly yes, "rockobama"

73. Know the name of their town, state and country-- yes

74. Be familiar with a map of the world-- yes because of her birthcountry.

75. Listen to music from many different ages and genres-- yes favorite cds change currently her favorite is a Chinese children cd from China.

76. Hear and learn words from a different language-- yes Chinese (mei mei videos) and spanish (dora and school few words)

77. Learn the difference between trash and recycling-- is learning

78. Grow their own vegetables-- just this year

79. Learn to ride a bike (or try!)-- with training wheels

80. Take a road trip-- a couple one to visit cousins and one to St. Louis for agency reunion

81. Draw a self-portrait-- yes all the time as well as family portraits. Here is a video of her self portrait.

82. Slurp alphabet soup-- no don't like soup

83. Learn to twirl spaghetti on a fork-- no we chop it finely

84. Pick apples-- no

85. Star in a home movie-- yes of videos I took of her singing or saying the pledge

86. Learn a magic trick-- saw a magic show and was an assistant

87. Try different hair-dos-- ponies, all up (doesns't like that anymore) and long

88. Practice writing letters-- can write them all correctly, learning some Chinese character (copying)

89. Practice counting to 100-- yes

90. Make up stories-- oh yes see number 30 regarding her blankies

91. Send a letter-- yes to her grammie and one of mama's friends and her summer pal and her Canada friend.

92. Receive a letter-- from her summer pal, friend in Canada, her grammie and cousins.

93. Ride on a merry-go-round-- at the zoo with grandad or someone who doesn't get motion sick like me!

94. Give away toys and books to less fortunate children-- yes

95. Learn the value of coins and bills-- working on it

96. Keep a piggy bank-- yes but usually we head to the dollar tree.

97. Try a musical instrument-- yes her very own flute from Israel

98. Have a heartfelt wish granted-- yes her race track for Christmas

99. Have a heartfelt wish denied-- once she dreamed santa brought her a pink rope and the dream was so real to her she took me by the hand to show me. She was so disappointed when she opened her door to see no rope! I was devastated for her!

100. Receive a million (make that a billion) heartfelt kisses and hugs from their parents!-- oh yes


a Tonggu Momma said...

Love the photos of her two favorite subjects! :) And I'm totally impressed that the sport she watched was rodeo. I don't think we could find that around our area.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! She's lived a lot in her short life :-)