Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Bash

This year I didn't leave the disk out of the camera and I got lots of good pics. G got lots of creative things and not any stuff for which I am grateful. She just appreciates the creative stuff more than toys. She is always wanting to DO something not play with something so there is a lot to keep her busy. YEA!!

I am at my mom's computer and for some reason the built in card reader is not reading the pics on the card. So the pics will have to be loaded from home tomorrow or even, dare I say it? Monday!

Tonight we are heading to the rodeo (free) but only for a couple of hours. I hope to sit closer to the action this year, and I hope to get really good video. I didn't realize how tired I would be after the birthday party though, that wiped me out. I really don't want to go to the rodeo because I am so tired, but I have promised G. I feel like I really shouldn't break my promise to her.

Sunday is church and dinner with my parents. For dessert mom is making a blue berry pie (my favorite) that came with the angel food package. They have some really REALLY good options this time round.

So all the girls and one boy who came loved making bead necklaces or earrings or key fobs or whatever. Only two of our regulars weren't there which we missed greatly. One new family friend came, and I was so glad to see little AG. She is adorable!

Everyone seemed to love G's shirt which she wore proudly. G is so glad to be 5 but technically she won't be until Wed. Even her pre-school teacher came to help and was greatly appreciated. So sorry but you will have to wait until tomorrow night or Monday for party pics which is quite disappointing to me too!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm glad she had a great party!

Anonymous said...

Glad the party went well.