Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

Thursday was the class Easter party with an egg hunt and all. G's teacher even planned games for the kids to do like roll the egg with your nose and walk with egg in a spoon. It was a pretty fun party.

For Easter, I have given G several smallish items but I have parcelled them out over the last few days. She needed new swim suits for this summer so I gave her two very modest ones. She tried one on last night and said, "Just what I always wanted." She said she wanted to sleep in it but didn't. She told me it was so comfortable that I needed to get one like it. I like it because it is shorts and t-shirt like so more skin is covered.

Then Saturday we went to the egg hunt for my parents church. It was very well organized. We walked through some of the stages of the passion, made a craft and then in small groups the kids hunted eggs.

And it is cold again here. Is spring ever coming? Can we count on summer this year?


Super Mommy said...

Love the swim suit - great color on G!

We are hunting today at church!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love those swim suits...that is all Emma Jane will her skin is milky white...I love her body being covered!

Great egg hunt pictures Bev!

marilyn said...

The smile on G's face in the swimsuit picture tells it all:)

We're going to try the Easter egg rolling with our noses--thanks for the idea! Happy Easter!

Vivian M said...

What a cute swimsuit! And G looks great in that color blue.
Happy Easter!

Java Cupcake said...

Great egg hunt!!! Cute pics!!!

Stoppin by from SITS!!

Happy Easter :)

Calico Sky said...

I love that you found a modest swimsuit for your daughter. A friend recently sent me some info on a company that makes them for women, it's on the list for something I should buy.

My Bible Study group just did a study on bikinis. It was very interesting, although varying opinions!

Are you still job hunting? I hope you find something soon.