Friday, April 24, 2009

Extremely Too High Strung

That I am. By mutual agreement I won't be back at G's daycare to volunteer. What threw me over the top yesterday was seeing from inside the daycare a child licking the outside of the door while the director sat in the nursery and her teacher was gathering kids off the playground. I started hollering to get the kid to quit and the director saw me/heard me. I shouldn't have yelled but walked quietly to the door to re-direct but that is not my reaction first. My first reaction is to get their attention however I can as I walk/run towards them.

The kid needs to be in a special school with more one on one attention, rather than in a group of kids with one or two adults. That kid doesn't only lick doors but swallows beads or whatever she can find off the floor, eats chalk and glue, hits teachers and calls them stupid, sticks her finger in her bottom and touches other children with said finger, refuses to go to time out, hits other children for no reason or for a reason she determines right, throws her tray of food when she gets a cup instead of a carton without warning and numerous other things.

This morning one boy pee'd on the floor in the bathroom and when asked if he did that at home he said no because he would get a spanking. I wasn't there but that also gave me indication that it was time to go. Dude pee'd on the floor, just because!! WTHeck?

Then there is ADD boy who really is very young and shouldn't be in the class at all due to age (the only one not going to kindergarten with the rest of the class). Then there is little girl who said she is going to punch a classmate in the face then when caught and put in timeout cried because she said she was joking!! That is just to name a few of the kids that require a gift to teach, and I don't have it.

Nope, daycare is not my forte! I knew it too. I should never have started helping. I have been having nightmares and dreading going, and I was just a volunteer. Seriously, I am not called to be with children all day.

Don't worry, I have never wanted to, nor applied for, nor contemplated working or owning a daycare! Not my bag. I have the patience of a nat and that is totally my fault. I so admire daycare workers that can handle these kids when they make you want to shove hot pokers in your eyes. Many a day I just knew that was a better option than dealing with the issues and problems in the daycare.

The director does know about these problems and have refused admission to siblings of some of the current kids in the same daycare. She also thinks for the majority of these parents they will have a rude awakening in kindergarten.

G's teacher is upset that I won't be back as is G. She thought I was helpful. I tried to be helpful. But I wasn't as helpful as I could have been if I wasn't so high strung and grossed out by door lickers or floor pee-ers or hitting etc. The director did say she appreciated the help but could tell I was getting on the stressed side and could tell it was all building up, and she was right. I was even finding myself quicker to snap at G in the evenings.

So all this to say, daycare workers are underpaid for what they do, and I will not be back other than to drop her off and pick her up. And please get your kids help if there they are licking dirt off the floor! and no it isn't nutrition being missed.