Monday, April 06, 2009

For You: Cold Monday and County Property Tax Assessors!!

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Monday is now cold, dreary, wintry weather after a whole night of the wind blowing like a gail. Neighbor's tree branch was blown out. G said, "I didn't know the wind could blow down a twee."

This year is the blessed (not in a good way) year for the property to be reassessed on the property in the big city I am trying to sell, that won't sell. Remember this year, the year that the housing market blew out the bottom? Well the tax assessor doesn't have to take a bottoming out housing market into consideration to screwdriver you with higher taxes! They only need comparables in a much larger area than a realtor will do and go as far back as almost 2 years for sells. And don't you know a tax assessor would pull the most expensive comps in that area, not the lost houses due to bankruptcy or what not.

Almost $15,000 higher than last assessment. They pulled a brick house on me (mine isn't brick) and a house with 1 1/2 baths (mine has one). The sad part is the brick one was actually the least expensive sold but it sold in Aug 2008 when the housing market started to collapse so technically my house should be assessed less than that. You would think that this is a good thing except that I have been trying to sell the darned house for 3 years. The house is not even listed as much as the tax assessor's appraisal.

This is the second set of renters I have in it, and I really like these kids. They really like the house. They may want to buy it but aren't yet settled to decide. Expecting their first child this week. Oh and I found these renters so if they eventually do wish to buy it I won't include the agents. I will do it FSBO.

The agents contract is up soon I think. I can't tell that much is being done or has been done to sell it. Since the renters moved in it has shown twice. Right now it would only be available to landlords or those people planning to move in a year. I will let the contract expire on the Realtors though if it doesn't sell. I actually can't take many offers (not that I have had any) because the price is set too low for me to sell now that I have no job. I couldn't come up with my closing costs at all not to mention the buyers if they asked. Having the renters takes the pressure off the payments for now too.

No job leads yet. Still looking. You may have heard that FedEx laid off around 1000 people. I am close to the FedEx headquarters so that is at least 500 more competitors for positions around here. They will be laying off again in the summer if things don't project better for them. The county I am in has the highest number of unemployed. Please keep praying for me and others who have lost their jobs. It is not the most pleasant time in my life right now!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I hope your job search ends soon.

Times are tough right now.