Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Ever...

Had your life circumstances touched by an angel? In this remarkable book The Noticer by Andy Andrews, several people in a community in Florida are touched by a remarkable man that can be none other than an angel sent from God. This man is known as Jones to the author, Garcia to the Hispanics in the area and Chen to the Chinese restaurant owner in town. He himself describes the gift he has to share as a gift of noticing. He is as the title of the book declares, The Noticer.

This book could not have come at a more a fortuitous time in my life. If a simple, plain English book was ever needed, now is it. Through this book, Jones has also reached out to me to give me what is needed most perspective. He uses simple line of questioning to bring people to where they can see clearly through the muddle that crisis brings. As he says, "After all, every one of us is always in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or headed for a crisis. Crisis? That's just part of being on this planet."

Another thing Jones asks to a young homeless (hopeless) man, "'s opportunities for advancement and financial achievement come from people? That verbal or written encouragement comes from people? ...people are the delivery vehicle for opportunity and encouragement. Correct?" See this struck me as so obvious but yet not heeded enough in my own life.

I am a conundrum of sorts, growing up in self reliant America with a spiritual anchor in Christianity. I learned to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" in a faith that points out we are dependent people. God created us to be dependent on each other and help each other. So here I am looking for the right job opportunity to come from nowhere remotely related to people. I am waiting for the one thing to save myself in this financial mess, and it occurred to me while reading this book, God sent people to give me opportunity to save me from this financial mess. I have to change me so that I can encourage more people and be given the opportunity and encouragement from people.

Is this a self help book? Nope. But it is a very insightful book. And if this Jones was human flesh and bones then God gave him a miraculous gift to help people in life's difficult circumstances find the perspective they need in order to step back, take a breath and move forward.

This is a quick read book because Andy Andrews has a way of telling this story of a man named Jones so that you will not want to stop reading. I picked up this book at 8pm and put it down at 10:30pm when I finished it. There is even a reader's guide in the book that is helpful as an independent study or a group study. I would recommend a few of you get your friends together and read this book together. It is in the bookstores today! Run, don't walk and pick it up, The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs is a Little Perspective.

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Thanks for the book recommendation! It sounds wonderful.