Thursday, April 23, 2009


That is what we all need in this economic downturn. I attended a Townhall For Hope conference tonight, a live feed that featured Dave Ramsey. I of course love Dave Ramsey and had I not gotten comfortable in the economic upswing and made several stupid decisions/mistakes I wouldn't be where I am financially speaking following his rules which are really God's rules for money usage.

So a couple of factual things that were given tonight to put our recession in perspective. In 1974 and in 1982 we were in a worse recession than we are now. Both of those recessions saw inflation of between 11% and 13%. In 1974 there was an energy crisis. We right now do not have any inflation and we have no energy crisis (that is if Obama will not do any of his green agenda).

Also, pointed out was that the great depression was pulled out by WWII but credit was given to FDR for the New Deal. Think about it, 1% unemployment in 1944 from 25% in 1938ish. Well, the men had gone to war and the women went to the factories. The work came due to the need to fight. Not that war is the answer just in perspective of history the government spending and deficit spending doesn't work.

We need capitalism with moral restraint to ensure political freedom and social justice. Check Milton Friedman the father of modern day capitalism.

Mainstream media has a socialist, leftist agenda to push and therefore needs the fear of economic crisis to push it through. We need to quit being afraid, fear freezes things. And I am speaking from the bottom, currently going on 4 months of unemployment!!

Dave Ramsey pointed out that we also need to allow failure. Failure, if it is chasing you will push you towards excellent! (courtesy of Dave Ramsey)

Dave Ramsey looked at the foreclosures and said, "60% of the foreclosures occurred in 5 states." Did you read that? Read it again: 60% of all foreclosures occurred in 5 states with 40% spread out in the remaining 45 states. And 35% counties had 50% of the foreclosures. Where do you thing the mainstream media is going for foreclosure stories to make you afraid? The 35 counties not nationwide.

That is like Obama releasing the CIA memos from the Bush administration without also releasing the evidence and information that saved lives. The interrogation methods got information that stopped lots of terrorist acts in the US. More than the obama administration wants to admit because it shows how the left hates Americans and wants to see us all dead or in subjection to foreign rule! (That part was free from me, blog admin, heh).

Back to Dave, he gave three things to do:

1.) Take action, get moving do something
2.) Don't participate in loser talk
3.) Learn to give again. Give time if you are broke or give more money and trust God for the rest.

It was really good and very hopeful! As a Christ follower, I don't put my faith in any government. My hope is not in a government but in God, Jesus has already given me eternal life, what more could I need?

Okay, I have kept my baby up too late to post this so we are now off to bed. Go check out Townhallforhope at and for more information!

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Sharon said...

Great post! So glad there are speakers like that to 'pump you up;

The Byrd's Nest said...

Great great advice Bev!

Anonymous said...

I went to this too! I loved the way Dave came back to the same message several times - your hope is not in Washington DC. The government is not going to take care of you, and it isn't the gov's job to take care of you. Even if some people in the government think so. If we can only get this message out to more people.

Elizabeth J.