Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Really Should Read the Total Comment before Approving

Many readers of this blog have suggested that I prevent anonymous comments but there are at least two friendly people who leave anon comments. I am not going to ask them to sign up to post comments if they don't want to. They shouldn't have to.

But look at this anon poster who is not only not a friend but is a racist as well. It is one thing to direct ugly things toward me the grown up here but to attack a kid is the sign of a monster. It is obvious that in your perverse narcissistic world of homosexuality, you can't even see beauty other than in a perverse way in children.

"I got a good laugh when you suggested your daughter will ever be in that position! You don't have to worry, she will never be in any beauty contest. She lacks severely in the looks department and if she is anything like her stupid adoptive "mother" her intelligence will be lacking as well. China gave you one of their least desirable girls. Your life seems to be cursed all around from reading this blog. You are a moocher that lives off of your parents and my tax dollars! You don't even have a suitor. Who would want you with your crazy, redneck ideals? I bet you never get approached. My boyfriend saw you and your oriental "daughter" and said, "GAH"! They are made for each other. Seriously, she can't help the way she looks but her life is ruined with you as a role model. They shouldn't have allowed you to adopt an Oriental with your backward brain. They have it tough enough with no one in their own country wanting them. She at the very least deserves a real family with a mother and father and parents that can keep a job. You are the most negative person I have ever encountered on blogger. Your mindset reflects your life. M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E.. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET AND YOUR LIFE WILL IMPROVE. THINK NEGATIVE...LIVE NEGATIVE. It has been proven. Seek out positive things to blog about and your spirit will lift. Think positive and your borrowed child will have a small chance at a happy existence."

Anon, you are right my daughter does lack a very important part to be able to win a beauty contest and that is white skin which seems to be so prized in such things. Not to mention she has a mom that thinks these contests have deteriorated into a queer haven of girl-wannabees. You and your boyfriend will never be a girl so quit pretending that you have it. Your genes dictate your gender, you perverse freak. Too bad for the girls participating they haven't realized they are strictly there now for the entertainment of queer men.

Second thing is that Oriental is a description of things not people; people would be described as Asian or in her case specifically, Chinese. Rugs could be called Oriental.

And by blogging about Ms. California I did blog about something positive, and that is that morals and values haven't totally left this society or culture. And I am positively sure that she was right, marriage should only ever be between one woman and one man with no deviations.


Anonymous said...

I think your daughter's beautiful.

By opening yourself up to the blogosphere, however, you open yourself up to comments from....every type.

I do have to say that in reading your blog I wonder about your relationship with your parents, I love my parents but I have moved on to start my own family life, and though we see them all the time, I can't imagine seeing them or depending on them as you seem to - I would feel trapped in teenagerhood - but to each his own!

Also regarding homosexuality, it's time to open yourself up to the very real possibility that your daughter may someday reject your Christian values, she may want to get out of the south, she may be homosexual, she may be...Gasp!...more liberal (I have the most conservative parents in the world and I really flipped out when I was a teen).
Open your mind, so your daughter feels comfortable expressing herself even as a teen - I have seen so many suffer from having one track minded parents.

cheepette8 said...

Amen sister. The nerve of some people. It drives me crazy that if we don't have their views or opinions we are all stupid rednecks or suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Makes me sad to think of what society my girls will live in. It also makes me try harder to make sure they have strong moral values and not just follow along with some leftist chickens views.

"MissMelissa" said...

UNBELIEVABLE. Some people are just so very awful, mean, horrible... OMG. I just can't believe someone wrote that to you!

Life isn't always happiness and sunshine, and so what. That's reality. I think you are real and I have the utmost respect for you and your daughter!!!

I just can't believe someone wrote that to you. Troll.


Anonymous said...

doh. I assumed that since anon mentioned a boyfriend, anon was female. yes I am that naive. At least anon (and boyfriend) are highly unlikely to genetically reproduce.

Elizabeth J.

Anonymous said...

That is a horrible comment.

I don't share some of your political views, but I believe you have the right to your views and the right to share them. I certainly don't mind reading blogs by people who think differently than I do. It would be pretty darn boring boring if we all thought the same.

And I think your daughter is beautiful and lucky to have you as her mom.

I also think attacking any kid for any reason (especially race or appearance) is a very ugly thing.

Lauri said...

Hey Asshat Commenter ... say what you want about a blogger's opinion's...but picking on a kid is low and uncalled for

don't let it get to you Bev

I think it is great that you have the support of your Parents... you and only you are raising your beautiful, smart inside & out daughter and your parents are being grandparents just like zillions of grandparents all over the world.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Wow... I cannot believe the nerve of some people... That just shows you enough about them.. They are ignorant enough to write that comment, so just ignore them.. People can just be so rude and inconsiderate..

Shake it off, hun.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Glenys is beautiful and your heart for the Lord is very beautiful Bev. You are one of my dearest blog friends......we have been studying spiritual warfare all week. Just let this not let Satan for one second get a grip of you....focus on Jesus...focus on the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

To have your parents close by, and to have the option to have them as involved as they are, is a wonderful thing! My parents are more than 500 miles away, and I always think of all the time I DONT get to spend with them. I also think it's wonderful for G to have the relationship she has with your parents. That is truly priceless. My grandparents on my father's side were already deceased when I was born, and my mother's parents lived in Belgium until they passed away when I was high school. I am always envious of others who grew up with their grandparents close by. Shame on anyone who passes judgement on your relationship with your parents.

I happen to agree with EVERYTHING you say politically. I realize not everyone who visits your blog feels the way I do, but when I visit more liberal blogs, and leave a comment, if I do, I am always respectful and watch how I word things. I am sorry you've had to deal with the rude, inappropriate comments. Just know that lots of people love your blog and support you!!


mommytoalot said...

Holy smokes! some people are really rude. do open yourself up to any kind of comments as do I...but serioulsly to viciously attack a child and her mother..that doesn't say much for the commentor. It really doesn't.
Just because you dont' agree with someome is no need to be nasty. Those who write nasty things are most likely lacking something in their life.

mommytoalot said...

PS. I think your daughter is gorgeous. I must disagree with you saying she would lack winning a beauty contest because she doesn't have white skin( or something along those lines) We have those kinds of contests here..and for the mini club italia contest a little girl won..second..her parents just happened to adopt her and her beautiful sister from China.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

LaLa said...

WOW..what a jerk. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out!!

Hey, my email is messed up right now...try : )

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a yucky comments some 'tolerant' people have.

Anyway, your daughter is beautiful, but what of it as long as she is kind and has good values. Which I have no doubt she will because of you.

I also live nearby parents who are very involved. Its a privlege to have them in my kids life. Seems kinda immature to think its trapped in teenagerhood. Generations have been raising kids since the beginning of time.

Briana's Mom said...

The person that made that comment is sick in the head. To insult a child like that - it is just sick and twisted. G is beautiful.

I don't always agree with your views, but it is your blog and you can say whatever you want to on it.

The person that wrote the comment is racist and just plain ignorant. Using the word "oriental" to describe a person - this is obviously not an intelligent human being.