Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Honor of G's 5th Birthday

I am hosting another On-LinePoster Print Give-A-Way. There are two ways to get an entry :

First Entry: Leave a comment on how you would creatively use a 16x20 Poster Print High Gloss.

Second Entry: Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.

Easy Peasy! If you are in the US or Canada you will win one 16X20 Poster Print and pay no shipping. Outside the US or Canada you will pay only shipping.

So while I am singing Happy Birthday to my 5 year old, you can win your own 16X20 poster. Go ahead, you know you want to!


Frenzymom said...

I think I would scrapbook it. Put scrapbook paper and embellishments then add my kids photos and put a big vinyl or sticker with the word Family on it. Then hang it up in my living room.

Fun giveaway! Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I've had 2 sons birthdays this month. It's a great month!!

fricke92 said...

Count me in! Love Frenzymom's idea!

fricke92 said...

OK, didn't leave MY creative idea, only commented on another's. Sorry. I would use it for a picture of my kids, closeup of their smiling faces and hang it in the stairwell. That way, I'd at least get ONE smile each and every morning. :)

Super Mommy said...

I'm in like flynn!

LaLa said...

Hmmmm...great giveaway...I think I'd use some of our pics from China and Vietnam and hang them in the playroom : )

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