Friday, April 17, 2009

It Just Gets Weirder (is that a word?)

This morning while I was fixing G's hair and half listening to her and the radio (don't do that by they way with heavy topics) she started asking me, then got frustrated with me, why did grandad grow up first, then grammie and why was I a month old. I couldn't understand her the first time because I was only half listening and had no idea we were going into a heavy direction.

Usually when I fix her hair she is busy picking things up on the counter to annoy me you know being a kid, but not today, nope, she wanted the heavy stuff to talk about, before I had my coffee. So I repeated the question as I heard it which was wrong, and then she came to near tears then I figured out what she was asking. So I told her that grandad grew up first because he is the oldest, then grammie grew up and all babies are a month old if they live in infancy.

I think the month old part is interesting because that age plays a big part in her adoption story (I don't know for sure if it is because of this that the age came up in her questioning though). I told her she was a month old and I was a month old and even grammie and grandad were month old babies once.

Then she stunned me yet again. She said, "What was grandad's name before and where was he bought from?" I told her that grandad wasn't bought, "you weren't bought," babies aren't bought and nobody buys babies. (Okay I don't want to go into the whole baby stealing black market thing with her being only 5 days away from age 5).

I just keep thinking that I am talking about adoption the right (if there is a right way) way and G is spitting it back to me way off post. We still have work to do!

Last night I asked her if she didn't go to sleep because she was afraid of having bad dreams, and she said yes. I said, "That is not what you said before." She said, "Well, it is both things." Yea right! So we are back to square one with the reasons for not falling asleep. She will say yes to whatever I ask, heh, if only.


Anonymous said...

My daughter has asked me in the past where I was adopted from. It has to be very confusing for them. But at least if they are asking questions then you can try to straighten them out. Imagine if they weren't asking questions and just trying to puzzle all of this out on their own!

Elizabeth J.

Andrea said...

I like the "Bought from" thing.
When Caleb was G's age he got mad at us becuase we wouldn't BUY him a sister at WAL-MART.
We told him that we couldn't buy a baby at WAL-MART and he pointed to the section of the store where you buy diapers ..there were large infant pictures hanging from the ceiling and he said"Yes, you can MAMA..They are right there in the BABY section!" LOL!
The "Bought"thing is normal for her age..It is how they think we get EVERYTHING. LOL!
I miss being a kid..*sigh*


Sharon said...

wow, Beverly. I really like hearing these honest, detailed discriptions. Thank you for sharing these moments. I love all those talks. If I didn't feel good about it after, i would go back and reexplain my then thought out one. hahah now I can see with b2 how much these talks added up to form who they are! Scary responsiblity but also soo cool!

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Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

These conversations you are having with G and posting are so helpful. Bri is still really little, but I am sure she will start asking questions soon enough. I hope I am ready for it. I made her a toddler lifebook - I hope that helps a little.