Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More Party Prep

So yesterday, G and I were at the grocery store getting candy and water for the school Easter party when I decided we had better pick her cake. Last year she told me she wanted a princess picnic with all the major disney princesses on the cake (there are really only 4 princesses) which I obliged. We had it in the front yard and the kiddos had a blast. Anyhoo, this year, I didn't feel like cleaning the house I decided we needed more room to do the birthday party I could afford of G's dreams so we are using a room at my mom's church. Well, I digress, back to the grocery store, while there I let G pick her cake out. Fun times, I tell ya'.

I am flipping through the pages relatively slowly finding lovely tinkerbell cupcakes made like a large cake, and why did it take so long to figure out how to decorate a bunch of cupcakes like a huge cake? A few princess ones, one just like her last year cake and numerous others. So G kept nixing the girly cakes, and I refuse to allow hannah 'ontana on the principal that she is quite the racist with her whole slanty eyed non-apologizing self in that pic. So I flip to the cars disney cake and g says, "No that's a boy one."

Um, did you, my daughter, who likes to play like she is a boy because she wears blue or gets the blue scissors at school just say no to a "boy" cake? Oh yes she did several more times like to the kung fu panda and one other I can't think of now, maybe shrek. But guess which one she picked? Go on, guess. I will give you a sec or two. Ready? Now you want to know?

Oh, well, she picked the military cake with the desert, hills and tanks!! But she doesn't want a boy cake?

So I told her (like any good American mom) "no. No military cake." Now just so you know I am not anti military, on the contrary, I totally support our military men and women but I just can't bring myself to allow a military cake for a girl 5 year old's bday!! What in the world would the other moms think? Oh yeah it is all about me her being a good example to her friends.

Anyway, it is a bead/jewelry party for beads' sake! No tanks, no guns; ya' know, beads: hippie, peace, love, and all that rot!

So we settled on a Happy Valentine cake, but it will say Happy 5th Birthday G. And it is one of the photo cakes of two very colorful hearts, $19.99 for the cake.

Today we spent less than $20 on the plates, napkins, table covers, streamers, yard sign, 5 year candle, and butterfly net ('cuz who doesn't need one of those?) for the party. G decided firmly on pizza for lunch and then she said, "And for desserht I want..." As I cut her off and reminded her that we were having cake for dessert! "Oh I fowrgot," she said.

The other day I got 44 juice boxes for $11 and yes I am keeping tabs on how much the bday costs. I do it every year and so far the most expensive bday was her first one home (and why not) when I forgot to hand out the gift bags, heh. I still pulled that one off for about $200 and that included the cupcakes/juice for daycare too.

I really try to do the whole shah-bang with daycare added for around $200. Buying in increments helps and the Dollar Tree, um, yeah, my new fav place to shop!

Oh and so I was getting the other birthday candles ready, the musical ones, and finding her whole 3 and 4 year candles, G asks about her 2 year and I tell her that candle is in her special memory drawer. Then she says, "And where's my furst birffday?" Um, well, that would be in China I think, I don't have pics of that. Sorry. I do have a 12 month picture just no cake pic or no candle, sorry. It kind of makes me sad every time I think of her not being with me to celebrate that milestone! But as with most other serious moments, we passed it and she was on to something else.

G wants all her other candles on her cake to show the ages she has passed, hee hee.


Kristy said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!! Sorry I have been gone, I have been sick and have had alot of things going on, so I am looking forward to catching up on you.

Love, Kristy

Vivian M said...

Tell G that Kerri did not have candles for her 1st birthday either.
For Kerri, planning a party is all about pin the tail on the donkey.
Have fun with the party planning!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh the military cake just cracks me up!!! I think you should have let her get it (except I got David an army cake one year and look what happened)! LOL Can't wait to see party pics!