Monday, April 06, 2009

Perspective, It's Big

G finally hit 40lbs and over 40" tall. So you know what that means? Booster seat! I wanted to wait and find a 5 point harness one because, well, I am a worry wart about her safety. Before G came home my parents were able to get two brand new carseats and one booster from their car insurance agency for like $20 each and they were/are good carseats, highly rated. Well I get the booster now that G is able to ride in one and we purchased one booster for my parents to share. They really do pick her up and have her ride with them for different reasons a lot. But just to tell you what booster seat transition day was like, G hasn't stopped talking about it.
She said, "Mama, why does ouhr cahr wook diffewent?"
She said, "I can see! I can see! Wook mom, I can see the birhds."
She said, "Mama, you want to die wiff me because you want to see my chilldwin." (what this has to do with a car seat vs. booster I will never know).
She giggled and preened and asked grandad if he could not believe she was in a booster. Then on Sunday she asked him if he knew she was in a booster (transferred Saturday night at his house). She needs more new people to tell and care about her booster transfer!!
I felt like she had been totally deprived the almost 4 years she rode in the car seat what with all the goings on about what she could NOW see. Plus the car seat was in the middle of the back seat (my preference), but this booster (since it isn't a 5 point harness) has to set on either door side using the shoulder harness that my middle back seat doesn't have. Now the one my parents have can sit in the middle (my preference) as they have a shoulder harness in the middle back seat. But guess what grandad did last night when they went to church (just so G could ride in her new booster) he put her on the door. Oh well.
It was pretty funny to hear her go on and on and on and on and on (you get the drift) about her being big enough for the booster. I have her sitting opposite me in the SUV so I can see her and she can see me. Easier to hand her things and talk. I really don't like the whole on the door thing though, but what can I do? SUV is paid for, no change there!
Oh and what is with the crusted on gunk that was below where the old carseat sat? YUCK! Kids are nasty creatures!


The Byrd's Nest said...

LOL....Lottie keeps telling us that in Mexico she doesn't have to sit in a car seat..he he he

The ONLY thing I don't like about booster seats is that is seems hard to sleep in Glenys may not sleep in the car but Lottie does as soon as her thumb goes in her mouth;)

When the girls went to the doctor last week, Lottie weighed 30 pounds...I couldn't believe it! She has weighed 26 pounds for almost two years. I was so so so excited to see the extra weight!

Okay..that was all probably more info than you needed about us today;)

Super Mommy said...

Ha! Congrats G - such a big girl. I still have Jasmine riding in a carseat and she is 5.5!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That's so funny - it was a really big deal to her! I think G and Monsoon are about the same age - he'll be 4 in August, but I don't think he's close to 40 inches tall.

I love her comments about her new seat - especially the "die wiff me... my childwin..." one. They are so random sometimes.

Susan said...

Such a big girl!

Tell G that folks here in Chicago have heard about her riding in a booster. Word is spreading!

Colleen said...

What a big girl!
My daughter is 5 1/2 and has been asking for a booster. She weighs 42 lbs and is 43 inches. I have been trying to keep her in the car seat as long as I we really have to let them grow up!! :)

Vivian M said...

Congrats on the move to the big girl booster seat! I don't like the door thing either, but we have no choice in our minivan (it has captain seats in the back). At least we have side and top air bags too.
And Kerri still fits in her car seat, lol.