Monday, April 20, 2009 an open e-mail

This is my e-mail to NOBAMA I thought I would share on the blog:

"Mr. President,

"I am deeply offended that our government, that YOU, Mr. President, would try to take away the right of medical providers to not perform procedures that would guarantee death to unborn babies against their conscience. I thought we lived in a free country, but your policies will guarantee a mass exodus of life-loving medical personnel that will jeopardize all of our medical treatment for years to come. Why would you want to force doctors to break the Hippocratic Oath?

" Surely you can see how your policy will prevent good people from performing life saving measures by bringing in pro-death policies such as yours. Your own conscience about what is right and wrong must be turned totally upside down to want others to be as pro-death as you, Mr. President. We need to stop the culture of death and give life and liberty to all Americans, even those you consider a punishment and a burden, Mr. President.

"While I am airing my grievance I must also request that you fire your Department of Homeland Security Director. Not only has she turned the law against the majority of citizens with her right-wing report, she also has left messages in the in-box so that citizens can't leave complaints.

"Also, with regard to Sebelius: Take away your nomination. She is a tax cheat, liar to congress with regard to her relationship to baby killer Tiller and she is very pro-death. She has aligned herself with a baby killer from whom general abortionists tend to stay away. She will bring shame upon your administration and our government. Please rescind your nomination.

"With respect,"

Signed Name
"A Pro-Life Citizen of the U. S. A"

There is so much this administration is trying to do to kill freedoms in America and turn us out to be the pro-death country he wants us to be. E-mail him yourself and your congressmen about the right of conscience of medical providers. Look we will all be in danger when pro-life doctors and nurses leave the profession in droves!!

I called to complain to Napalitano at the DHS and the mail box is conveniently full, hmmm. The covering extension doesn't answer either. Call for her resignation. She has listed all pro-life citizens as extremists who must be watched by the federal government. She listed no specific group but classified us all as dangerous to the US along with returning soldiers.

And Gov. Sebelius of Kansas, she should do the honorable thing and withdraw her nomination. She lied to the government about taxes. She lied (misrepresented is so not as serious as LIED) about the other $23,000, given to her by the baby killer Tiller. She is so not pro-life! Most abortionists at least have some insight to stay away from baby killer Tiller but not Sebelius. She honors him in the Kansas State Capitol. Um, hello! He kills babies that could otherwise survive outside the womb with no regard to life or law! He breaks all the Kansas laws but pays off the governor in order to get away with it.

Just knowing what an embarrassment this president is to our nation gives me a headache!

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Doug and Terrye said...

Preach it sister!!! And now he is saying that they may prosecute the former administration for interrogating procedures they signed off on...after his own people sent a memo stating that much was learned form those interrogations!!! I feel like I'm watching a really crummy Jack Bauer movie :(

Terrye in FL