Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rodeo Videos First

The rodeo as always was a fun event. G loved the corndog, cotton candy and the poodle/Chinese crested dog mix some lady brought. I enjoyed the bulls and the rodeo clown was somewhat entertaining. It didn't run as late as it did last year but we still weren't in bed before "bednight" or midnight in regular non-G language. She however fell asleep on the way home and had her blue jeans not been wet at the legs I would have let her sleep in her clothes. We skipped church today and I slept until 10:30 which means no nap for us this fine Sunday afternoon.

There are several more videos I want to post of the rodeo or as G says it the "redio." I am not sure why my video takes so long to focus. Maybe the lens needs to be cleaned. We weren't all that close to the action this year either and lots of traffic around us. It was fun though.

A cowboy came up to the people behind us to talk to them and I over heard him talking about why he wasn't riding bulls in this particular rodeo. He wore his 2002 Championship buckle with his name on it (very large and yes I read his name) and he said the bull, Evil Knievel, tore his shoulder up, broken bones, roter cuff, yada, three surgeries to correct, yada, doesn't hurt now when I ride, yada, broken neck in 2003,yada, yada. Unbelievable.

The lady's son came up and said something to the cowboy about his missing front teeth (and yes I noticed that too) to which the cowboy replied, "Yea, that's the mark of a bullrider." This cowboy wants to ride that bull again, the Evil Knievel one. He said, "It'll either kill me or I'll beat it."

What is the drive for these very young men to ruin their bodies for 8 seconds on a bull. The money can't be it because insurance companies won't insure them and pay for things like broken neck surgery. It is a very painful life and the majority of the men are barely men, like 26 is a kind of an old rider, which is what I suspect old snaggle tooth cowboy 2002 champ was. If there was money in it like NFL or NBA players then I could see it but last night's pot of gold was roughly $13,000. 20 riders competing with only one winning.

But then you might ask, "Why do you, RamblingMother, enjoy it and isn't that hypocritical to watch it and critisize it?" Well, I am not critisizing; I do enjoy it (more on TV, closer to the action). I just don't understand it. I wouldn't miss it if there were never another rodeo again. Last night's, like last year's, was free and as long as this one is free, G and I will go.

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