Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Things Heard Around the House Lately

First, Thursday night G stayed with my dad while both my mom and I were at different conferences. When I picked G up and asked what they had been doing G said, "Cwying." At first I didn't understand what she said thinking she had said climbing or something because crying wasn't in my thought processes of something she would do with Grandad. But crying it was.

On the way home I asked her why she cried and she said, "Because I thought you and gwammie would be stuck in track." For those who don't speak "G-english" that would be "traffic." She had an elaborate plan of how we had gotten stuck in "track" and couldn't get out. Fear got to her and she cried. It was mainly alleviated by grandad riding her around the yard in the truck and taking walks not to mention playing race track.

Second, Saturday morning we were able to pick our peonies for the first time this year. As G and I were putting them in water I told her how I didn't really like the flowers when my grandmother would bring them in because bugs would come in with them ALL THE TIME. I hate HATE hate bugs. But ants happen to be needed to open the peony bud, isn't God's creative genius brilliant? I digress.

So I told G that the peony came from China and after it is planted can take up to 3 years before it blooms. Without missing a beat G says, "Yeah and 3 yea-uhrs feels wike a thousand."

Third, the other night after her shower as I was drying her off she said, "Mama, why did you pway to God for your baby gurhl for a wong wong time?" Now just so you know, we were not talking about adoption prior to her shower or during her shower or for that matter as much as I remember the whole evening.

I said, "Well I prayed that God would take care of you because although I didn't know who you were yet I knew that He knew and that He could watch over you better than me." Then I became distracted with letting the dog in, getting clean clothes and making sure she had enough conditioner in her hair to comb without pain; when G said, "Well, when I was in China I hoped that you would nevuhr abandage me."

Talk about words to bring you out of distraction. At first I didn't understand what she said and truly almost dismissed it with the distracted mother's "Ummhmmm" answer. You know that answer? The I hear you are making a sound and I am agreeing with that what you said without total comprehension.

But somehow I came 'round and repeated what I thought I heard her say and was right. She did say that while she was in China she hoped I would never "abandage" her. I think this was her way of saying she prayed for me while she was in China too. She had the biggest affirming goofy grin on her face, so I just hugged her and held her close. Sometimes it really is about adoption, you just have to listen without distraction.

And fourth, heard several times after her 5th birthday which was last Wednesday, "I don't feel wike I'm 5."


Lacie E. said...

This was such a sweet and touching post! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Sam said...

What a sweetie!!! Kieren is starting to ask questions now.

Valentine said...

that is a sweet story!

thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment totally made my day!

Andrea said...

Everything about this was just cool.


The Byrd's Nest said...

I love how they let you know that they need I pray that we as Mom's always have ears to hear....she is so precious.