Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things Heard Around the House

Getting ready for bed G says: "Mama, you neber call me 'G.'"
Me: "What do I call you? 'Goose'?"
G: "No, just wuhrds."
Me: "Just words, like what?"
G: "Get still."

Another evening getting ready for bed. G was finished but decided to hang out in the bathroom while I finished combing my hair. I had short sleeved PJs on. G says: "I see your hair."
Me: "My hair!?!?!" Not sure what she was meaning and somewhat afraid of what she would say.
G: "That hair, unduhr your ahrm."
Me: "No you don't. I don't have hair there."
G: "Well, it wooks wike sand but it's not."

Looking at the pencil drawing I did of her finding ad pic, I asked, "Does that look like that picture?" (pointing to the ad)
G: "Yeah but 'cept it's giauhnt" (yes there is a uh sound in a southern girl's giant.)


Vicki said...

Number One: I cannot even fathom what your IQ likely is....seriously. You are to be admired for your abilities to research, understand, and grasp history, current events, etc. I couldn't make the Town Hall of Hope so I've done the next best thing: I read your summary of it all. Good job.

Number Two: Colonoscopy came out fine. (Get it...#2...had to do it!)

Number Three: Love the G-English.
Have a great week!!

Number 3 1/2....You could always make $$ designing/re-designing blogs for folks. No lie.

Heather BT said...

One to pass on, Don't think I blogged about it. The other week I was singing something Low and Slow and Acer said "Does MaMa's voice need new batteries?"

Anyway, I'm getting geeked and ready to go! Won't be able to check in for about three weeks. If something big happens (like you get a job, that I should pray or praise for, drop me a line)

Take care

amy said...

she is precious..Im hoping we can make it to Memphis soon!