Friday, April 10, 2009

What? Wha? You Don't Plant in Your Pajamas?

Today is Good Friday and G's school is closed. Thankfully I am not working either.
The night after our therapy session I asked G to tell me why she covered her eyes when I sang to her and she said she didn't want Ms. A to know she liked the song. When I relayed the activity and G's response to my mom she said, "Well, she was embarrassed and that was a stupid activity to do." Then she said, "G is very smart and can do anything but she will never be the type to want to get on stage or perform for anyone." So I pointed out the things she did perform on and what she didn't and for some strange reason it made perfect sense to my mom.
So next time therapist requests that activity I will ask her to step out of the room. I mean she is recording it anyway so really she doesn't necessarily need to be in there for every intimate moment and to G that is intimate. She doesn't even ask me to feed her in front of the grandparents.
I will also e-mail therapist and tell her because even though she is trained well and I would be inclined to listen 75% of the time too her (I am trained too but too close to the situation) I am more inclined to listen to those voices who KNOW G like my mom. And lest you think my mom had to think of a response I barely got the activity and G's response out before my mom answered regarding the embarrassment factor. If I ever had hopes of my daughter being a great anything in front of people (which I didn't) I really don't have it now.
G is not NOT not going to perform in front of anybody. I see it when her teacher asks her to do something (now, she wants to be asked to do something by her teacher); she makes a fish face (stress) as she performs the task. So at least she doesn't roll up into a ball and hide from every thing, heh. And I don't think it is lack of confidence but I don't have an answer yet.
Oh and you know how when you exercise for the first time in a long while how it may not hurt hurt until 2 days or so after? Well, I didn't exercise, but I still hurt like I did from Wed..
You know how G tested the strength of my heart on Wed. by darting out into the parking lot? Well, I think all of the stress of that has landed square in my neck (again) and chest, like in the sternum area. I am in pain again. I don't hurt to touch the area but lifting arms or picking something up or laying on my side where the middle of me is crushed, I hurt. Taking deep breaths or sitting such that my chest caves in just hurts. So I will be back at the chiropractor on Monday even though I am not supposed to go for another week!


Sharon said...

Oh Beverly, I am praying about that pain! I hate to think of that. Poor baby! G is adroable planting in her PJs and I am impressed with your insight with all this therapy, Treading the under current, it must be like. My parents think the worse thing they ever did was send my sister to a therapist. So it is good to be careful, not that they can't be so effective also!

Love the blog look!

Vivian M said...

Hope the pain goes away quickly. Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Easter!
And as for G being introverted, don't worry. I am a terrible introvert, but you would never know it. What G needs most is a sense of being loved, security and self confidence, and the rest she will learn to deal with on the way. And sometimes it is better to work behind the scenes than to be on the stage!