Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Supreme Court Decision re: Prop 8

Well, they got it half right. The court upheld the people's choice regarding the definition of marriage. Then in a schizophrenic mood move they allowed the 18,000 marriages (that should be considered illegal in the first place) to stand. If you don't call that some political fence sitting I don't know what you would. It was a ridiculous compromise, if you will.

Here is the problem with the whole gay marriage thing. Marriage is not equal to love and love is not equal to marriage. If it is, as the gay activists claim, arbitrary discrimination to define marriage as one man and one woman, then it is just as arbitrary to define marriage as a union between two people who love each other.

See there is another sect of people in what is called poly-amorous arrangements, who love each member of the triad (or however many people in the union) equally and can claim discrimination regarding marriage being defined as only 2 people. If you can't define marriage as one man and one woman only, then you can't limit it in number either. That means any number of persons in a mutually loving arrangement would have a right to be defined in a marriage with all the "benefits" thereof. You can't stop the slippery slope, folks. It is there and glaring. What do we need a two by four up the head to wake up and realize the truth of this?

It is just as discriminatory to limit marriage to two loving people as the gay activists claim defining marriage as one woman and one man is. It isn't about love. Don't e-mail me or comment and say, "You can't help who you fall in love with," because I will point out all the arranged marriages that have love in the marriage whether it started out with love or not. And if you throw up the abuse in arranged marriages argument then I will throw out the abuse in self chosen marriage arrangements.

Love is a choice not a feeling. Lust is an emotion that is arbitrary so to speak. Infatuation maybe can't be helped but love definitely can!

Besides haven't you heard the adage, "If you hang out with truckers you will marry truckers and if you hang out with doctors you will marry a doctor?" Nothing wrong with truckers, it is just the point that you will fall in love with whomever belongs in the same group with which you associate.

So get this whole love equals marriage thing out of the conversation. It is as emotionally charged as claiming that killing babies is a choice. Knock it off right now and let us look at society and what is best for society.

Even those highly civilized primitive silly Romans knew homosexuality was deviant even though it was practiced. There were no gay marriages then, and it wasn't sanctioned other than it wasn't necessarily criminalized, just like today. Just because something is practiced doesn't make it right. Deviant behaviors being practiced by 2% of the population should not receive special treatment.

Even the APA came out (pun not intended) recently and said there is no gay gene. The lifestyle is a choice not a sentence that society places on someone. Enjoy the lifestyle if you wish, but don't force the foundation of society to crumble because of a wish to redefine one of the building blocks.

Marriage is not a right! And there is no discrimination in it. A man is free to marry any woman whom he chooses as a woman is free to marry any man whom she chooses. One man and one woman for marriage only and always, it was decreed in the beginning of creation. It is not man's design to re-define.

This whole marriage debate is not what it appears on the surface. It is about total acceptance of a lifestyle that is clearly deviant in nature. If you make the topic emotional enough without facts then sane people who would otherwise think clearly, won't think at all and will be lead by the nose down an emotional road with no return. Wake up! Marriage is one of those funny words that should not be redefined for any reason. Leave it one man and one woman for always.


Christy said...

We are sure happy here in CA but yes, the whole little twist they added-- allwoing the marriages to stay marriages-- is just odd and kind of a snub. I totally agree with everything you wrote. It blows me away how, like you said, 2% of the population can dictate so much-- not just dictate but force and if you dont agree then you are a narrow minded conservative- but I ask you who is the narrow minded one? Ugg- it makes me crazy.

Well said!!!

Christy :)

Helene said...

It doesn't make any sense that they are allowing the gay people who got married to stay married if they're saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Honestly (and I may be in the minority here) I'm fine with whoever wants to marry whoever but I think the law needs to be concrete, with no in betweens.