Friday, May 01, 2009


No job yet. Unemployment (click for definition of how unemployment is funded) is still good, not a lot, but good. What can I say. Mom and I buy Angel Food Ministry boxes once a month and the deal is I will buy the stuff if Mom will fix it. See G doesn't really like meat much, at all. Last night she made chicken fried steak, saw mill gravy, bread, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob (I got 5 for $1 at the grocery store yesterday). So we combine resources around here and it is nice to be at "home" even for an evening. I'm sure it still stresses my dad out but so far we are fine.

The title is referring to this summer's daycare. Obviously I can't afford $85 a week for June and July until school starts in August. I want G in the afterschool program when she starts school though. So I am going to ask the director if I can pull G out for the summer but not lose my place in afterschool for the fall. I want them to have a summer schedule that I could pay $15 a day to drop her off if I have an interview or what not. It was suggested that they have a summer program, we shall see.

Maybe if I just pay for Tuesday and Thursday, if I get a job before kindergarten starts, I could put her back in full time at the full rate. Tuesday and Thursday would also give us a break from each other. Of course at 8:45 am this morning I wanted to talk to the director who usually gets there at 8am, and she wasn't there. Even if I could do the Tuesday/Thursday, if I got a job I could get mom and dad to keep her on Monday/Wed and Friday. I think they would be up for that.

Plus she has two weeks of swimming lessons in June so that is something to do to stay busy. The other days we can go to therapy and the zoo and just hang out until she starts kindergarten. I mean it isn't like we will have or rather I hope we don't have this same situation again anytime soon, and she isn't ever going to have the summer before kindergarten again. I am not thankful that I am not receiving a paycheck, but I can see this time as a blessing so I won't stress until closer to kindergarten.

In June I will also move G to her own bed because well, it is past time. Last night we had the lights out at 8:35pm. I had said goodnight and G even got still. I was beginning to feel sleep overtake me, my eyelids were heavy, even my feet were still and I could feel dreams and thoughts co-mingle into the silliness of sleep. Then as if out of a fog I heard it, "Mama." I really thought I was dreaming but the sound got louder and stronger, "MAMA." One last desparate cry, "MAMA!" I woke with a start to hear G say, "MAMA, ARE YOU DEAD? I'm afraid you are gonna die."

She did this 4 times and was not reassured by my protestations of not dying. at least not last night anyway. Then she said she was about to cry, so I told her to go ahead and cry herself to sleep (it worked once before after she lost a book priviledge). It took her a full 10 mins to work herself into a cry that I am not sure was ever real. Finally, she fell asleep but by that time I was awake.

Then at 2:30am the cat started meowing, from behind the closet door. She had been locked in the closet since we went to bed. To say last night was rough gives it no justice. I really started to keep her home today and sleep in, but she woke up at 7:30 telling me she was "hungwie." Plus I needed to speak with the daycare director who apparently took today off.

So all that to say is in June we will be having her go back into her own bed to learn to sleep alone. I already know it is going to be long but hopefully successful. She at least took a nap in there the other day. I believe it is all control.

Monday is the big Kindergarten Registration Day. I will take G with me because she needs to see her school. She has met some of the teachers because they go to either my church or grammie's church. I don't really know where the last 4 years went because it sure passed quickly, too quickly. I want a do-over. I want her as a baby again to experience the ages all over again.

Maybe this summer I will get a reading program for her to start working on, a phonics system. She is already recognizing sight words. Kids just seem to learn so much faster now than when I was little. I know we will spend time at the library that hasn't access to blogger so I may or may not be posting as regularly if I keep her home. Hope you will understand. Actually I hope I don't have to take her out but that I have a job soon. If not I will embrace the situation we are in and enjoy the time with her. I mean she has at least 20 years of school ahead of her now doesn't she?


Donna said...

I might have some phonics stuff that I could send you; I'll check. Remember, change is good. In our school district the kids have to go to K registration. The kids go with the teachers for some assessment in the guise of fun activities while the parents do paperwork. I'll bet G will love school. It's great that she already knows some of the teachers.

cheepette8 said...

You can try The girls love it. They ask to play it all the time.
I'm still praying for your job situation. I'm sure it's tough.
Also I posted a link on my blog about where I got the lunch bags. The girls are so excited about using their bento's and can't wait.

Super Mommy said...

Sorry you're still unemployed - that bites. I think you will really cherish these tough times that "forced" you to have family dinners - they actually sound nice!!

I want a do-over too - but mine will go back SEVEN YEARS!!!! I cannot believe it Bev.

I wish I had summer care that only charged $85 - ours double that in Houston X2!

Jasmine is entering K this year too! Exciting, but sad! I feel ya!

Joanna said...

Good luck! I'm not a big fan of change. I usually go kicking and screaming and then find out it's not so bad. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Starfall is awesome! But I wouldn't rush it, as you say, just enjoy your time together.

I wouldn't rush getting her into her own bed either just because of her age. or could you get a bed for her in your room? Then you have your own space, but you are close. If she is having fear/attachment issues maybe wait for more progress.