Monday, May 04, 2009

The End of the Napping Era

I think G is giving up her naps. This makes me more than sad. She really does need naps, and although I may not be able to tell it in the afternoon, I can tell it toward evening. I kept her home today to take her to kindergarten registration. I remember when my mom registered me, granted it was summer, but they took us on a tour of the school so it wouldn't feel so big and scary. And granted that was 30 some odd years ago too. But G was with me and what could it have hurt to have the secretary to show us around a bit? There was only one other mom there to register and no one else in the office.

So what was I saying? Oh yes, no more naps, ugh. I need that time when she is home with me and she does too. So I put her down at 1pm. It is now 3pm and she has not slept at all. And now she is whining about being bored. Ummmm, hello? All the toys and craft stuff you have and you claim you are bored? It is too wet to go outside, boohoo. I had planned to go to the library when she woke up, but I wanted her to nap, WAH!!

Back to the kindergarten registration, I believe that the principal, of whom I have heard nothing good, doesn't like children. She no longer gives the kindergarten readiness test that I believe is necessary/required? but I could be wrong. She also has an evening for Open House to meet the teacher but the children aren't invited. HUH? The children are not invited to meet the teacher on the night of open house. There is no scheduled time for the kids to meet the teacher before the first day of school. I don't understand. I told the secretary who told me no kids allowed that I wasn't the one going to school here, my kid was and that is who needs to meet the teacher.

I think I am regretting registering her at this public school when there is an open enrollment in a school outside our district that includes free lunch for every child no matter their financial standing. The down side to the outside the district school is that there is no after school pick up for the after school program I have her in.

Maybe I am just totally wrong on the whole school thing? Does every kindergarten host a parents only open house before the kindergartner starts school?

Saturday was my dad's bday. He took us out to the Mexin' (as G says) restaurant in our town. G wanted to go there as did my mom. Yes Dad paid for his own bday dinner. G so wanted the staff to sing happy birthday to him and shove the dessert up his nose like they did to her last year. But they didn't. They didn't even bring a bday dessert to him.

I must brag on G: she was so nice and well behaved. She was so good that I lifted the out to dinner ban I had on us. She didn't once stand up or peer over the back of the seat. She did however eavesdrop and comment on the conversation behind us. She really must be growing up.


Anonymous said...

At our public elementary schools they have kindergarten round up, where all the incoming kindergarteners spend an hour in the classroom with the K teachers learning some of the things that they will do in K (coloring and playing). Parents are all sent to the library. They later have a parent only meeting for registration.

But I ended up sending my daughter to another school for K, and she didn't meet her teacher until the first day of school. I was able to take her in to the school and introduce her to the teacher. When we switched back to public school for 1, I took her on a walk around the school to start learning her way around when we went to pay our fees, and took her in to her classroom the first day of school. I think most of the parents did that. I did that for the first week until she was ready to go on her own.

Even if the principal sucks (the former p at our school was wonderful but she retired last year and the new one does suck), hopefully the teachers are good. Our teachers all dislike the principal and are hoping that she will quit. She commutes 100 miles each day for this job, hopefully that has gotten very old this year.

Elizabeth J.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I think it is SOOO important for the children to meet their teacher before they start school...duh! That would be very traumatic for Lottie.

Lottie and Emma gave up their names at 3 1/2....without even consulting me! LOL I miss naps!