Tuesday, May 19, 2009

G Conversations

Today G and I were at the children's museum in the family bathroom. G is noticing everything (which is better than when she was potty training and touching everything!) when she saw the disposal for sanitary things. That particular receptacle had a drawing of ta*m*pons being dropped into it. G asked me what that was and I said, "I don't know."

Yeah, yeah I don't always answer questions when I don't wish to get into long conversations and that would have provoked many questions cuz that is what 5 year olds do, ask questions! Besides, I hadn't had my afternoon coffee yet.

So then she said as if she really knew, "Oh I know that is tempertakers." AKA thermometers, heh.

Then tonight while watching "Sleeping Beauty" G proclaims, "Oh I can NOT sweep in my own bed tonight." No, no of course not because the witch in SB is way too scary. Then she said, "Mama, you should NOT have wet me watch dis." Oh how right you are, darlin'.

In about 4 days is the referral anniversary of G. As most readers of the blog know we talk a lot about adoption and how our family was made. My personal philosophy is to talk straight about it all and give as many positive memories on each and every significant day in relation to her adoption. Today is also a significant day. This is the day I call her Finding Day! Which is also the "abandage"ment day in G-English that is.

We also today happened to have therapy today in which G played "put me in a box" with the pillows. Now this doesn't happen to be adoption related as much as therapy related because she has been doing that with the pillows for the last 4 times. G did ask me to "make a storwie out of" her. So I started a story of Mousy Mouse being in TN then in "Cowniafornia" then in "Florwida" then went to China and lived in a box. One day another box was put beside Mousy Mouse's box and when he looked in the other box he found a baby sleeping. That was as far as we got before interest wained in the "making a story" out of her.

So, tonight hasn't ended so well. While G was busily watching Barney I decided to take the trash out through the back door. G was in the front of the house. I didn't tell her where I was going. Didn't think I needed too. I came back in from the back too, noticed she wasn't in her seat, thought she was in the bathroom, but she wasn't. So I started looking for her. I went in the bathrooms, the closet, her room, out the front door when I saw it unlocked and walked around to the back. I went in and out no less than 4 times screaming her name with panic setting in. I just knew she had wandered off looking for me.

Well, she had sort of wandered off, sort of. She herself was also in a panic when she realized I wasn't there. She had gone to two neighbors' home and one answered. He called my dad. My dad and mom called my cell phone twice, which I didn't have on me as I wasn't going anywhere.

I of course was thinking I was going to have to call them and started really panicking. One last look out the front door found her and our neighbor on his porch. I was so relieved and then mad then relieved again and then felt bad because I noticed she had been crying. They had been inside and couldn't hear me screaming. I figured everyone could hear me screaming.

My dad called my neighbor back, and he let me answer it. I told him everything was okay. I praised G for going to the neighbor's home but I also pointed out that my car was there, my purse was inside and my keys were inside. I also pointed out that she had to unlock the front door in order to leave whereas if I had gone out that door it would have been unlocked already.

So maybe this was a memorable day after all but not necessarily the best way to have it!


Marla said...

Oh the stories, glad everything was ok, that is scary all the way around.

Frenzymom said...

My kids get nervous when "I can't be found" too. I've ran down to the basement to get something out of the storage room and my 4 year old freaks out.

I'm glad everything turned out ok.

Vivian M said...

We always have to tell Kerri if we are going out of eye sight (for example, to the bathroom) or she panics too. I think it may be an attachment thing, but we are so used to just telling her it has become second nature to us.