Tuesday, May 05, 2009

G Has a Mouse

His name is Mouseymouse Nouseynouse M(our last name). His bday is March 20 but he is 10 years old. He lived in Tennessee but moved to China to meet G when she was "zeewro." This mouse stayed with G with her first family, her foster family and now her forever family. She told me more about this mouse this morning while we were snuggling.

I was piddling on my sketch pad and drew a picture of a mouse. Actually of two mice, one from the side and one from the front. The frontal view pic G said looked like her mouse except for the whiskers which she fixed. The side view she said looks like a beaver. Oh well. I did say I am not a trained artist but an artist wish I were?

Anyway, mouse has gotten to be much more involved in her life recently. He even went to dinner with us to celebrate grandad's bday. She said mouse sat on grandad's head to eat. Funny thing, I had an imaginary friend when I was growing up. Mom told me once that I left her in a restaurant and my mom had to go back and get her. Then later I had an imaginary mouse friend that lived in the bathtub, heh.

Even one of my nieces had an imaginary friend as a toddler/pre-schooler. Funny thing about those friends when the child has outgrown the need the friend is usually forgotten and remembered only by others who heard the child talk about it. The imaginary friends tend to be a sign of brilliance and/or trauma. Possibly a bit of both because G is brilliant!

Did I mention that G slept in her own bed Saturday night but not last night. I actually moved her after she fell asleep Saturday but Sunday I fell asleep first. Small steps I guess. We will try again this week.

I have therapy today by myself to review the progress I don't feel we are making. I think we are supposed to watch some of the video we have taped. I will update after processing my thoughts on it all.


Kim said...

Her mouse stories would be good children's book material.....

Marla said...

Cute, at least she doesn't have a snake, thats where I would have to draw the line.

Doug and Terrye said...

Love the little mouse!!! How kind of the mouse to be with her in China...and come all the way home to the States with her :)
I had an imaginary dog when I was 5 yrs old. It jumped out of the car window one day, and my dad had to turn around to go back and get my dog. ;)

Terrye in FL

Molly said...

I agree with Kim that sounds like an adorable children's book!

I once babysat a girl who took me by the hand and led me around her house showing me her invisible farm. "Here's my goat, here's my cow..." It was so cute.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Awww.....so sweet. I think I would rather have an imaginary friend than "stink" the blankie! LOL