Friday, May 01, 2009

Hee Hee, That Biden...

He knows how to keep us all in stitches. I think he should be paid for his stand-up comedic routines press interviews. I mean every time he opens his mouth his foot just flies in and takes over he speaks wise words with a quick wit and comedic spin.

The latest, he wouldn't go anywhere in a closed area like a plane, train, or subway. Ha ha, that is rich I tell you. At the same time he says the borders should remain open, Ha ha. Get it. What a riot.

Side splitting comedy, top of the line, I say. Oh Gosh he is funnier than AlGore ever was in two VP terms. Hoo, hoo, I can't stop laughing. Too bad he won't go anywhere to catch that flu, though, maybe a taste of it would change his mind on porous borders.

::Snark off::

Makes me very sad that a Mexican toddler visiting relatives in Texas died. At 23 months old, the baby (who the news said had health issues already) will now be raised in the loving arms of a Good God in a perfect environment. The parents and family are left to mourn. That is sad.

Makes me sad, too, that before the baby was showing symptoms he exposed a whole lot of people in a mall or shopping center area while here with family. Scary times. Remember to always carry germ X to use after touching anything else around you!! Become the germ-a-phobe.

Makes me sad too that Egypt declared war on all pigs ordering them to be killed due to lack of understanding that "swine flu" isn't a product of pigs but that the media keeps using it instead of the proper H1N1 label. This isn't like eating tainted beef that can give you mad cow disease.

Still this flu is nothing to sneeze at, be sure to practice religiously the cleaning of hands, coughing into sleeves, don't touch anything, and BE THE GERM-A-PHOBE, heh.