Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal

Obama spoke and as always when his mouth is open he lies. Case in point, he brought up stem cell research saying, "Blah, blah, blah." I don't remember it but what I do remember is that he didn't differentiate between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells nor did he differentiate between federal dollars paying for research verses private money paying for research.

These are two very important points that need to be understood by people but are never clearly stated in the main stream media or from those on the left. First off lets talk about embryonic stem cell research. Just as the name implies, there is an embryo or lets call it the beginning of a human, mm'kay? (Even better a new developing human). The researcher takes this beginning of a human and kills it, harvesting stem cells along the way with the belief that these cells will grow into whatever the researcher happens to be studying. By the way this doesn't work. Because humans were created in the image of God these cells will never be coaxed into doing something other than becoming a human. There are numerous studies showing how the embryonic stem cells turn into malignant tumors.

Now lets talk about other stem cells or adult stem cells, cord blood stem cells or any other none beginning of a human stem cell. These stem cells can be harvested without killing and are more promising than the new baby or soon to be new baby stem cells. So far there are something like 76+ diseases that adult stem cell has cured or is curing. And I don't know why that number is stuck in my head and it could be really low meaning there are more disease than that being cured by adult stem cells.

The adult stem cells are working and doing what researchers want it to do. There is no need to use embryonic stem cells. Scientifically speaking that is, there is no need to use the embryonic stem cells unless there is a plan to clone for body parts. Oh yes, that would be the only reason there is a big deal on this issue with liberal leftist scientists.

Now lets look at funding of these projects. There has never (read that again) NEVER been a ban on funding embryonic stem cell research. Did you read that? Do you understand that? The ban is on the tax payer funded research of embryonic stem cell research. You know that great big money tree in the back of the white house where obama is going to get all the money necessary to fund his big government projects? Yeah, yeah, that one. HA! You know where that money tree is, the IRS, tax collection of the people!

Private research money can and could have always paid to research embryonic stem cells any time. BUT, here is a BIG BUT, but the private sector knows that there will be failure at every turn of embryonic stem cells because it doesn't work; therefore, no profit, no funding/no results, no funding. See scientists have no problem wasting tax payer money on piss poor projects that produce nothing. And apparently this administration has no problem throwing tax payer money away on bad research. Private investors will not stand for such waste, government apparently will. Remember it isn't the government's money; it is ours!

Obama turned the clock backwards with regard to science on this and the abortion issues. He doesn't understand good money management either, or he would quit bailing out failing institutions. Bush allowed for limited funding on limited lines of embryonic stem cells but the main stream media and leftist socialist scientists said it wasn't enough. They, greedy as they are, wanted more but not more unless it comes from the tax payers.

Catholics should be ashamed of Notre Dame for allowing the most pro-death president to speak. He even misrepresented his own abortion stance. And if he really wanted more adoptions as he claimed in the speech then the adoption tax credit wouldn't be in danger of expiring this year.

Where are the pro-life Catholics? Why aren't all Catholics pro-life? Isn't that a main tenet of the Catholic faith? Why aren't those of us who call ourselves Christians pro-life? How can a true follower of Jesus and for that matter where are the Jews? How can we not call ourselves pro-life? God, on which the major religions are founded, favors life. He gave reasons to take life and it was always with regard to criminals who killed and to protect life as in war.

Don't give me that "heart wrenching decision" bs Obama spouts, because there shouldn't have to be a difficult decision between killing a child or bringing that child into the world. It should be to bring the life into the world and decide to parent this child or give the child up for adoption (without manipulation). Adoption should be the only heart wrenching decision being made in a crisis pregnancy.


Ali said...

There were many pro-lifers there voicing their concerns by chanting and holding up signs. The way I heard it on NPR was that ND was highly criticized for allowing the President to give the commencement address. I think he was well aware that not everyone enjoyed his visit:)

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