Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama Only Wishes To Keep His Power

By sending any potential 2012 contender to the throne presidency away like he did Hillary as the Secretary of State or as he is doing to the the Rebuplican Governor of Utah as the Envoy to China. Don't speak to me of partisanship, that is a made up media term to stop true discussion and get the liberal left's agenda in place. You never heard of it when Rebuplicans were pushing their agenda, now did you?

See Obama comes from the Chicago political machine and knows you keep your friends close and enemies closer. So by making these potential contenders a part of his office extension or representatives of his administration they can't then come and run against him. See the Utah Gov will be in China when he should be campaigning for office. So then how do you knock the pres out of his seat?

Well, we need to pray that a true pro-life, pro-traditional marriage contender comes along. God knows who and where that person is.


Sharon said...

I am glad you are speaking up, i read both above posts. What about today's news about Isreal? It just gets crazier every day/

Anonymous said...

good article here -

money quote - "Much of his speech exalted the idea that for pro-lifers to work together with people who favor the legal killing of unborn children is a more civilized and noble cause than the cause of protecting innocent life itself".

Elizabeth J - pro-life Catholic!!!