Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures from the Past Few Days

We managed to go to the zoo last Wed. and Sat. morning. Then we hit two museums last Tuesday and yesterday. We have been busy getting out and about. We have spent several afternoons at my parents where G can play her and PBS games on their computer as well as swing and jump on her trampoline. This Sat we are headed to meet our camping friends from last year at their campsite. It will be too cold to swim but hopefully there will be enough fun in the sun and sand to justify the trip as well as wonderful catching up conversations.

Our local zoo has a new exhibit of birds. Last two years it was butterflies. I miss the butterflies. The birds are quite interesting and you can "hold" them as you see G doing in the pic. It was open to members only on Sat and then will be open to general public this weekend. Glad we went on members only day.

The children's museum has a "green" room where kids can make paper planes or cut-outs of cats and trees. So G was concentrating very hard on her cat-cut-out. And all the pics loaded backwards again so the top pic was yesterday at the children's museum. The first pic is G at the children's museum concentrating. The next is holding the bird on Sat. The third is G on the merrygoround from last Wed at the zoo. The next is G looking at dead birds that were stuffed for display at the museum from last Tuesday.


Vivian M said...

Wow G is looking pretty grown up! I love zoos and museums, wish we had a zoo close by here.
Have fun on your fun in the sun day!

mommy24treasures said...

MY... G is getting so tall :)
Love the pics.