Thursday, May 21, 2009

Post #1499

Oh wow Oh wow, this is post number 1499. Can you believe it? One more and I will have 1500 posts on this blog. I want to do something special for number 1500 so keep reading or jump to the last few paragraphs. This is going to require audience participation.

Oh how I love words, apparently. Keeping a journal could be said to be in my blood. My grandmother kept a journal for years. I picked it up from her. We have some of her journals still. I was inspired once to put it all in a book to publish for her children and grandchildren until I started reading them. I figured I had better stop that 'cause it might cause hurt feelings, and no she wasn't mean but truthful in her concerns.

Then as a high school senior I had a horrible teacher who made us keep a journal a specific way with a specific number of words for each entry. Never mind that I had at least 10 journals completed that proved I was going to write each day; she required different than what I was doing and it ticked me off. So I tried to get her back by writing stuff that never happened in such depth and sometimes disgust that I just knew she would get tired of reading it. Yep, passive aggressive, that is me. Of course I had to get rid of the journals because most of it was lies for her benefit.

Then I stopped writing in a journal for a while, actually a long while. I would do only travel journals so that started in 1999. But from the blog I have enjoyed the time writing about things that happen in our lives and things in the world that will affect us. I journal about Gs accomplishments and sometimes both of our failures of which I have many. Some of these entries are photos only, but those posts tell a story in time, too. Some of them are entries of ads for pay, which is always nice to receive money for your writing. I guess this is all to say that this blog is all over the place as the title suggests, it is motherhood and all that comes with it, as well as other ramblings in life, and in this world.

I like my little corner of the blogsophere even when what I write causes controversy. I don't like controversy, but if we all thought just alike what kind of world would this be? Pretty boring I must say. Dialogue and discussion are important in this world. It is needed and necessary and if I make someone think about their own life or belief systems a bit differently then great. If I prod someone to stand their ground on an issue, then great. Over all though I want G to be able to come here at some point to discover who I am and who she is through my words.

One day in the hopefully near future, I will open this blog to her so she can contribute her own thoughts. Of course she will have to learn to type and spell somewhat (or use spell check). She already knows how to use a computer, heh.


So here is what I want to do for the big 1500th post. Throw out some topics or questions you would like answered or discussed. For this one time only I will open myself up ::shudder:: to the readers of this blog. Yes, I do this with great trepidation because it is truly easier for me to talk about someone else than it is me, even in this blog. What I won't answer though would be questions that pinpoint exactly where we live or full names etc. I also will not answer anon comments if I don't know you so sign your comments (believe it or not I know some of the anons through other groups or e-mail).

Oh and hurry up because tomorrow is pre-school graduation I so have to post about it. I saw the practice today and um, ugh! I am very afraid. G did very well but I can't say that about most some of the others!


Vivian M said...

Oh, I can come up with a ton of questions! Like:
What is your greatest fear when it comes to life with G?
Is Motherhood everything you expected it to be? What surprised you?
Do you miss your life pre-adoption?
What is the one thing you wish you had known before you went to China? Before adopting?
What is the one accessory as a parent that you cannot live without?!
OK, I'll give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how you became an adopted single mom and if it's what you expected.

Any advice to the other moms out there.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Well Vivian asked the questions I had.. lol... So make sure you answer them!

Ohilda said...

Ok. My question. Have you always been pro-life or was there a defining moment in your life that changed your views (which by the way, I LOVE!)

AZMom said...

Hmmm...if you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why?

What is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you since G came home?

The rest of mine have already been asked! Great idea BTW!

cheepette8 said...

The questions Vivian asked were great and I want to know how graduation went :). Ours was crazy, but oh so cute.

Ellie Monster said...

Did you always know you wanted to adopt? Be a mom? What made you decide on China? (You might have mentioned this earlier in your blog, but instead of searching, I figured I'd just take the opportunity to ask.)

Heather BT said...

Aw man, I missed my chance, haven't been able to check blogs in days!