Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pro-Life Movement Was Dealt a Dreadful Blow Today

The baby killing doctor, George Tiller, was killed by a gunman while he ushered at the very liberal Reformation Lutheran Church. The anti-life crowd will hail him as their martyr, use him for the minion yell and demand for more abortions to be allowed, even the dreadful full term abortions for which he was notorious.

Obviously, for someone to kill the man doesn't do our cause much good. Sadly, had the gunman stepped up, turned himself in, he may have been found not guilty under the Kansas court system that found Tiller himself not guilty of killing babies outside the law and restrictions of Kansas. I mean when they let one killer get away they would probably allow another killer get away as well.

On the news one church attendant said she was shocked that this kind of "evil" could happen in that area. I wonder if she knew what Tiller did every day? I mean talk about evil. He didn't help women, he aided and abetted rape, incest, and familial rule over women's bodies the so called feminists deplore. All this done in his Temple to the god of Choice and Money.

He should not have died at the hands of a cowardly gunman. He should have faced human justice for killing the thousands of babies he has in his abortuary. Instead he now faces his Creator Who will demand justice, not mercy, since Tiller showed no mercy to the babies he slaughtered. May God have mercy on his soul.


Ohilda said...

I completely agree. This was an absolute blow to the Pro-Life movement and a very cowardly act.

mommytoalot said...

Yes well two wrongs do NOT make a right. You have your beliefs..but NO killing is OK.
It's discusting that people think by killing they will make their point just makes prolifers look kooky and evil. I do not believe in abortions..I dont' believe in killing at all!

Anonymous said...

Mommytalot, She didn't say it was ok. Its not ok. But its is ironic when a murderer is murdered.